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New & Old Testament Book Summary

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New Testament:


The genre of this book is a Gospel. Some key themes and events include Matthew Tracing Jesus’ lineage back to Abraham, the conception of Jesus, John baptizing Jesus, Jesus in the wilderness for forty days, the Sermon on the Mount, Peter’s name change (Simon), the many miracles performed, the Eucharist, the crucifix and resurrection of Jesus. Matthew‘s purpose was to present Jesus as the Messiah by showing the OT prophecies he fulfilled. King Herod displayed his fear of the new “King of the Jews” by ordering the death of all the youth in Bethlehem. Matthew gives recognition to the first followers and the directives given to them by the many parables he used, ...view middle of the document...

The genre of this book is Narrative. Some key themes and events include the history of the Christian Church, Paul’s Conversion (Saul), the replacement of Judas, the Day of Pentecost, the gift of tongues to Prophets, Peter was arrested and freed miraculously by an angel, many miracles were performed by the Apostle’s, and the rewards for being obedient to God’s word is emphasized. Paul is identified as one of the most influential servants – he took great pride in killing Christians prior to his conversion; once converted he preached informing others of his love for God. The Holy Spirit rested upon the disciples empowering them from within. The laws were transitioned from Old Covenant to New Covenant forming one universal church between the Jews and Gentiles. Peter provided proof that Jesus is the Messiah whom God promised in the OT to save the Jews from their adversity and his vision outlined Grace through Faith by the shed of Christ’s blood on the cross.

The genre of this book is a General Epistle. Some key themes and events include James writing about Trials and Temptations, Listening and Doing, Favoritism, Taming the Tongue, and the Warnings that he gave to the Oppressors. James wrote this letter to encourage the Jews believers to be patient within their Christian lives. He informs them that perseverance is vital. He reminds them of the double-minded man and he that perseveres under trials will be blessed. He states that one must not only listen to the word but they must be doers of the word as well and they will be rewarded. He warns that one must not show favoritism and be merciful- he magnifies that the riches of the earth are worthless spiritually. He uses great parables to get his point across about the tongue and its power. He advises against boasting and finding favor in long suffering such as Job did. He closes with directives on prayer with faith and its rewards

The genre of this book is Apocalypse. Some key themes and events include God giving John directives to show the servants what will take place; “The Great Tribulation”, “The Battle of Armageddon”, the Fall of Satan and his followers, and the Reign of Christ. John begins sharing his vision with the Seven Churches of Asia of the final judgment- warning them of their strengths and weaknesses, while encouraging them to repent. Jesus reminds him that all will take part in this event- a great multitude will be protected. Michael the archangel pursues the Red Dragon- Satan and defeats him. A Beast attacks the saints and betrays God by having the saints to worship a false prophet. While on Mt Zion plagues were spread across the earth destroying the wicked. John is given another vision on the fall of Babylon; the beast is thrown into a fiery lake, Jesus reigns, and then Satan. In conclusion, John is shown a vision of the “New heaven and Earth” and the promises of God.

Old Testament:


The genre of this...

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