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New Media Essay

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michiel hutten
michiel hutten

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Chapter 1: Business description 3
Chapter 2: Brandgagement 4
Examples of succesfull brandgagement 5
Chapter 3: Applicability Comstor 7
Roadway for brandgagement 7
Recommendation 8
Bibliography 9

In this report the possible applicability of brandgagement by Comstor is further clarified. The first part of this report contains a business description of Comstor. In the second chapter brandgagement will be explained. What is brandgagement? Which companies are using ...view middle of the document...

The company’s Comstor business unit is a dedicated provider of all Cisco networking, collaboration and data center solutions.
The subsidiary Comstor has a turnover of USD 80 million in the last year and had a market share of approximately 50 % distributed among the different product lines. This company had the largest market share in the Dutch market for Cisco products. In addition to Cisco Products Comstor also sells products that support Cisco solutions. This is about 10% to 20 % of total sales . Now the company is coming to the end of its year, it becomes clear that there is a growth of approximately 10%.

The company has two main competitors: Tech Data and Ingram Micro. These competitors sell alongside Cisco, HP and Dell products. So these companies have a broader portfolio of products . Comstor is the only distributor that sells all the Cisco products. can sell Comstors two competitors can only sell a few specialized products of Cisco and these are often expensive products. These products can only be sold with certain certifications and Comstor has these certifications as divided among the account that the team collectively knows everything about the Cisco product. The business as a sole distributor also has a warehouse in the Netherlands so there ' next business day ' can be delivered.
In addition to a distribution center in Houten, the company also has a large storage in England and Germany.

Chapter 2: Brandgagement
In this chapter the term brandgagement will be described. What does it mean? Which companies use it? What can a company do with it? What are the benefits? All these questions are answered in this chapter. It also identified a number of companies that make extensive use of brandgagement.

What is brandgagement?
"Intentionally engage your customers with your innovation, brand building and / or marketing '

 This notion is further specified:

- Intentionally
We all know that today we have to listen to our customers. But not every company sees this as a welcome and positive development. Many/a lot of companies are even more afraid of their customers and that is why they are closing their doors, becoming more firm with hierarchies, copyrights, patents and terms of use.
However, modern companies see the input from their customers as valuable 'assets', and they open their doors open them intentionally for consumers.
They invite their customers explicitly to make their wishes and ideas known and have non - hierarchical processes developed with their input to go.

- Involvement
Involving people is of course much more than "putting up a suggestion box." With brandgagement companies allow their customers to participate in their business 'innovation', ' brand building ' and ' marketing'. They treat their customers with respect and give them control.

- Customers
Brandgagement is not only the involvement of consumers, but also to the involvement of intermediaries such as business customers, wholesalers and...

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