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New Jim Crow Introduction And Chapter 2 Analysis

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The Lockdown Analysis and Summary
In the introduction, the author Alexander Michelle begins with Jarvious Cottons story, a man of African American decent who was on parole from violation of drugs and thus not able to perform his voting rights. Mr Cotton however, is not the only one or the first ever in his family to be denied democratic participation. His grandfather was also intimidated by the Ku Klux Klan who prevented him from voting while his father was also denied his right to vote due to poll taxes and literacy tests.
Alexander contends that during the Reagan administration there was an escalation of drug wars which was a purported response to a crisis of crack cocaine in the black ghettos. The war on drugs had a very devastating impact in the ghettos of the African American ...view middle of the document...

In many cases, a large number of people never have access to legal counsel or if they do are lucky enough to find one, usually the lawyers have a load of cases that getting time for their clients becomes a problem. In my opinion, this seems to be an extreme injustice to the people considering that without legal representation people are unable to rightly defend themselves. This eventually adds to the number of imprisoned people, and turns against the African American people who are criminalized even more. Not only are the criminals victimized but this also affects the innocent ones too and all the poor people who have been denied representation.
In this chapter Alexander has also pointed out about selection of jury and the injustices presented by all-white juries. At no time did I really think of the selection of jury in terms of race. I really don’t see how it would be unfair for an African American to be tried by a jury of all white. Even if they may not be overtly racists but still there are racial biasness deeply embedded within each person in regard to others. People from different social and cultural backgrounds look at certain things in completely different ways. This is also perfectly accurate for people with socioeconomic status; I have never thought that extremely wealthy people can genuinely relate to the poor people and their actions.
The author has also talked about how a certain percentage of African American men have been automatically excluded from duty of jury due to their previous criminal activities. This combined with the fact that there fewer registered black voters is another enormous injustice to the people of African American decent because it makes them start off way behind other groups. In my opinion, I think that if a society has no access to legal representatives, are not tried before a just and fair jury then we have a failed system of justice. In such a case there is no way that a system of justice could be effective and just.

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