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New Jersey Death Penalty Debate Paper

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In the state of New Jersey sentencing a criminal to death has been outlawed by the government however, many other states in the United States still uphold the right to sentence an individual to punishment of death. The New Jersey government has deemed this punishment excruciatingly cruel and inhumane claiming that no matter what crime the individual has committed the penalty of death is improper and unlawful. However, the death penalty should be legalized in New Jersey because certain criminals whom commit acts of violence or terror should be put to death to ease the suffering of the families of the victim or victims and also to stop any potential future crimes this person may commit and to ...view middle of the document...

When she is to see her child’s killer on death row, that sight alone may raise a relaxation to her knowing that her son was avenged and that the killer will never inflict that kind of pain to another person ever again. Not all people have vengeance but a lot of people do. Death can be horrible and it can be beautiful and rewarding, it is not up to us however to “play god”. We don’t have the right as humanity to decide who dies and who lives, this is a common argument for people opposed to the death penalty. They take a biblical approach in an attempt to get more religious people on their side and support their views. However, if someone is causing more harm than good for example killing or raping people, we are the ones who have to live with these people why should it not be our decision on if they may live or die. They kill and rape innocent people and cause endless pain to their victim’s loved ones, why should they not be cast out of our society in the most brutal and final of all ways? “God” does not have to live with these people in his neighborhood, we do, so that gives us the right to kill those who deserve to be killed. There are several other reasons why someone should be put to death however.
In extreme cases such as the Ted Bundy case, who was convicted of multiple murders and was sentenced to death by electric chair, actually had somewhat of a large audience outside the penitentiary cheering and celebrating. Bringing death to another person for crimes that they had committed brings a lightening of suffering to the victims and those affected. The death penalty in the United States however is not only used on those who commit multiple murder, it can be used on people who commit less than that. Also, Richard Kuklinski also known as “The Iceman Killer”, was a serial killer and was apprehended in New Jersey on five counts of murder. He was sentenced but not given the death penalty, he later died in prison at age 70 from another inmate. He was claimed to have killed anywhere from 100 to 300 victims. He would have been a prime candidate for the death penalty. These however are extreme cases of murder, the classic “eye for an eye” idea should be used when considering the punishment of death, however it should only be used with those individuals who had intention of killing another person.
Rapists as well should be given the death penalty when sentenced. Unlike murder when someone is raped it is a experience the victim will carry for the rest of their life, they are almost tortured by it. Rape causes severe mental and emotional damage to it’s victims and the families of those victims. The rapists should therefore be put to death for causing this irreversible damage to their victims. Most rapists or any sex offenders for that matter are repeat offenders, and by giving them the death penalty that will stop any further crimes that they are more than likely to commit. Murderers can be repeat offenders depending on many circumstances that...

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