New It Technologies Essay

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New IT Technologies

Technological advances have benefited human beings in many different in aspects of human life including personal, social, and organizational life. It is important to remember that organization is essentially groups of people working together towards achieving some common tasks. Thus, it is not possible to separate what is good of organizations from what is good for people and societies in general. In fact, development of need for organizations has arisen out of the technological developments. Organizations are needed primarily because of the practice of the concept of division of labor which is a very important principle used in all technological ...view middle of the document...

The great benefit of private clouds is that they are accessible only to users within a certain environment, such as that of a particular company or organization. Security concerns are therefore considerably improved yet not all the way eliminated, since there is still a third party host that conceivably has some form of access to the information companies are accessing via the cloud. SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) providers all trumpet the robustness of their systems, often claiming that security in the cloud is tighter than in most enterprises. However, the simple fact is that every security system that has ever been breached was once thought infallible. Companies need to be vigilant, for instance about how passwords are assigned, protected and changed.
The on-demand technology is pervasive in all decisions made today; the key question is not “Should we use cloud?” but rather “How can we use cloud?” What’s more, cloud is not a single concept. Its individual elements—from software-as-a-service (SaaS) to platform-as-a-service (PaaS), from public to private—are as distinct and different from one another as the opportunities are for enterprises to use them. The next phase is putting the cloud to work and designing an overarching approach that weaves cloud capabilities into the fabric of IT solutions and responses—with business value the uppermost priority.
Possibly even more pressing an issue than standards in this new cloud frontier is the emerging question of jurisdiction. Data that might be secure in one country may not be secure in another. In many cases though, users of cloud services do not know where their information is held. Currently in the process of trying to harmonize the data laws of its member states, the EU (2015) favors very strict protection of privacy, while in America laws such as the US Patriot Act (2001) invest government and other agencies with virtually limitless powers to access information including that belonging to companies
The concern that data is insecure is one of the factors keeping the cloud computing movement from exploding even further than it already has done. Our current encryption technologies leave us either to trust our cloud service provider fully, or to encrypt our data before moving it to the cloud. While more secure, the problem with the latter option is that encrypted documents cannot be searched until they are decrypted. This is where homomorphic encryption comes into play and our next emerging technology.
Homomorphic encryption
Homomorphic encryption is a method whereby encrypted files could be categorized, and mined, while remaining in an encrypted state. The concept has been around for years, but real strides have been made over the last few years, which may soon make homomorphic encryption a reality.
According the E. Messer (2013)”, IBM said it's received a patent for an innovative data-scrambling technique known as "fully homomorphic...

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