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New Information System Proposal Essay

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The intent of this proposal is to describe the effectiveness of switching from Microsoft® Excel to Microsoft ® Access and how internal communications will help modernize the sales department. Let me start by saying that Microsoft® Access is a user-friendly tool and is simple to learn. It provides for the easier adding, subtracting, and altering of data, in addition to offering the ability for more than one user to update tables at the same time. By converting the data we currently hold in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets to Microsoft ®Access, we will be able to track different aspects of our business more effectively.
Benefits delivered once data has been entered in Microsoft® Access:
• We will also be able to use the reports to drive positive business results.
• We will be able to track sales trends by ...view middle of the document...

Access is the better solution for an extensive customer list.
In our business of Party Plates there is a need to categorize certain information to create a database that will allow our plate company the opportunity to grow in the sales department. Transferring data that is already housed in Excel to Access will allow us to improve the efficiencies in our sales department. We can categorize information based on popular color, cost at wholesale, manufacturers, customer contact information, etc. This can help our company be able to use all the data to make the best sales decisions, allowing us also to use our contact database to market directly to our most valuable customers based on data gathered from their previous purchases or orders. This will eliminate wasting time going through various Microsoft® Excel sheets of data, because Microsoft® Access allows a database needed on gathering specific information or trends.
Utilizing Access in businesses is a form or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), as Access allows you to create applications with a purpose to move data around based on the part of the company that is needed. For our plate company this will help with efficiency on marketing products specifically to our sales department. Looking at the bigger picture, the same database also can be created in a way to house manufacturers for products needed to make plates, allowing for the company to possibly track and compare prices as needed. Additionally, it creates a database of other items that may be wanted by customers; this will allow the company to venture into future expansion of services.
“Microsoft is always upgrading their products so you can rest assured that you are not purchasing a product that will be obsolete in the near future.” (Benefits of Using Access, 2012) Potential growth in Party Plates is certainly the objective and switching to Microsoft Access is a favorable investment.

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