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New Imperialism Essay

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The economic, political and social motives for the new imperialism
Starting from late 19th century and early 20th century, European great powers were not content with the land and the power they possessed within Europe. They took a broad view on the international level and paid attention to places that were less developed or had not been exploited, like Asia and Africa. They invaded, colonized and exploited both natural and human resources. This was the so-called new imperialism. By examining the behaviors of those European powers, we can conclude several motives for the new imperialism. The needs for raw materials, a dangerous nationalism and a manifestation of the superiority of races ...view middle of the document...

This group of import interests has been greatly strengthened by the demand of giant industries for colonial raw materials’ which also supports the economic motive for imperial colonization.
Then, a radical nationalism contributed as a political motive. Every European great power wanted to expand their territories and to raise their status among other countries. After the Vienna Congress, Europe has set a good concert among each great power. They realized that it was impossible to win territory over other European countries. The only result would be that both sides suffered great losses. So they converted their aggressiveness to other continents. It was easier to conquer less developed countries in Africa and Asia and there was more land. By colonizing more areas, countries gained more power as well as status, especially for Italy and Germany. As countries that have just been unified for decades, Italy and Germany urgently wanted to defend their own and shown their power and status to all other nations. However, this new imperialism should be considered as a distorted nationalism, or even chauvinism. Those countries would do anything to maximize the interest of their own nations. For example, the ‘Moroccan crises’ happened because both France and Germany wanted to occupy Morocco. In 1904, both England and Spain recognized the status of France in Morocco which made Germany felt unsatisfied. Though the crises ended with a diplomatic meeting, the discord between France and Germany still remain unsettled. We can see what European countries did was very bad. They were ignoring the right and sovereignty of the countries they invaded.
Lastly, the social force referred to the superiority...

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