New Groups Of Urban Immigrants   The New Generation Of Migrant Workers

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New groups of Urban Immigrants 
- the new generation of migrant workers

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【Abstract】 In the context of social development, the new generation of migrant workers show new features including their mindset, career choices, values, and many other great changes have taken place. However, these people are also facing with some new contradictions and problems for they want to fully integrate into the city. Studies on characteristics of China’s new migrant workers, as well as comparisons with the previous generation have great significance in adjusting and improving migrant workers ' policies in China.

【Key Word】 migrant workers; new generation; system; policy

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  What they care more about is the way to seek for better opportunities , to improve their lifestyles and to realize the aspiration to their City-Dream through their own effort. It can be said that their motivation has gradually transformed from "survival pattern" to "life pattern "
According to “Guangdong Youth Development Report”, up to 62.16% of the new generation of migrant workers dream of becoming a boss, in stark contrast , while stark contrast, less than 20% of the workers are content with finding an ordinary job.

B. Recognition of the identity
Although a large number of people in the first generation of migrant workers, engage in industrial production, yet they define themselves as farmers because of the alienated feeling given by cities .Contrary to  the situation of old migrant workers,  new generation of migrant workers have no sense of their farmer identity. In fact, the majority of new migrant workers have never been engaged in agriculture , either do they want to go back to the countryside again. It can be said that these new migrant workers have no affection on the land, they are not familiar with the agriculture and are alienated by the rural life.
C. Values of life
City life influences a migrant worker’s value to such a great extent, that they gradually develop their own consumption attitudes and lifestyles. The first generation of migrant workers is subject to family expectations and his own responsibility to the family. Thus, in addition to the necessary living spending, save all the money to support their family and the recreation expense close to zero. By contrast, The new generation of migrant worker’s value are gradually converging with urban residents. Recreational activities, such as chatting on the Internet, ballroom dancing, shopping, KTV, have become the main way for the new generation of migrant workers to spend spare time. 
Shortly, the new generation of migrant workers lay emphasis on private material and spiritual enjoyment , leading to the rapidly increment in consumption expenditures.

D. Development orientation
Compared with the first generation of migrant workers,  the overwhelming majority of new generation of migrant workers have been trained in elementary and secondary education. It is apparent that they are relatively knowledgeable, and therefore have cultural intension, and therefore they shift more attention to their development.
This change is firstly reflected on job selection — rather than concentrating on physical labor industries, new generation of migrant workers prefer to choose other more decent and more promising employment. It is undeniable that they are comparatively critical of their work and are they fearful of hardship. In conclusion, these people often have a poor professionalism yet high occupational career mobility rate.

III. Problems
As the first generation of migrant workers  returned home gradually, the new generation of those who were born after the...

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