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New Dessert Essay

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Advertising and Communications – Final Assignment

Table of Contents

Define your product 2

What is its function? 3

What problem or opportunity does it solve? 4

What is its name? 7

Reaching your audience 8

Who is your target audience? 9

What drivers will they respond to? 10

Delivering the message 11

What Integrated Marketing Communications mix will you select? 11

What specific media will you use? 14

Regulatory issues 15

What regulatory or trade association issues or restrictions do you operate under? 15

Final Campaign 16

Present a completed example of an advertising/commercial/alternate media campaign. 16
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The goal is to surprise the children with a tasty product instead of fat and calorie content food.
Indeed, it is important to teach to the youth that eating fruit is sane, unlike to fries and fat aliments. The idea of the brand is to show to the children that fruits are tasty by attracting them with aliments they are used to eating. Trying it will open their mind to different flavors and show them that appearance can cheat: this is a way to incent the children to eat new flavors. Thus the product will fight obesity and by the way other illnesses implied: asthma, depression, diabetes, and other serious and costly health problems.
Moreover, these apple pieces will be packed in a biodegradable and also recylced carton because this is a current issue and they have to be aware of the consequences of their consumptions. Furthermore, this package allow the kid to take the dessert away and eat it at school or when playing outside with friends.

What is its function?

The function of the product is to be a convenient and sane dessert.
The concept of the product has several advantages. Indeed, the first advantage observed by the consumer when buying the product is the handiness: the apple pieces can be eaten anywhere. At home or at school, playing in a park or jogging in a street, these fruits can be kept in the pocket, schoolbag or a purse. Thus, the customer can eat wherever and whenever he decides.
One more advantage is the quality of the product: the apples chosen will be fresh fruits good for the health of the consumer, grown in Washington State, the most important producer of the United States. Indeed, according to a report from the Economic Research Service, in July 2011: “Washington State currently produces over half the Nation’s domestically grown apples and has been the leading apple-growing State since the early 1920s”[3] . This is the second function of the product. To open the mind of children - and even teenagers – by showing them that many tastes exist. This is an original way to fight bad nutrition - and thus obesity – in the United States. The product can even be defined as a tool for the children’s education and help their parents to teach the importance of eating healthy.
Finally, the last added value of these apple pieces is to biodegradable and recycled packaging. This is also part of the product’s function: be aware of the consequences of our consumption. The product takes care of the environment by using recycled material to make the packaging so as not to take part of the deforestation. Furthermore, this packaging is biodegradable in order not to pollute the environment. This packaging allows communicating and promoting the citizenship’s responsibility and awareness.

What problem or opportunity does it solve?

The product is very uncommon and even its concept is unusual. But the roots of the creation of this product are not the willing to be original but the willing to deal with a serious issue, by...

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