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Never Be The Same Essay

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Nicholas Campbell
Essay 1
English 101

One of the biggest, and most emphasized themes in “We3” is that of human qualities existing in non-human characters. We see three animals that have been altered with by the government and turned into killing machines. However we see many things that indicate that despite their human capabilities, they still show many qualities of regular animals of their respective species.
One of the clearest examples of this is in the second chapter on the twenty-ninth page. Here we see 1 after he and 2 attacked, and ultimately killed a human and his dog. They attacked after the man shot 3, and the dog tried to protect his owner. 1 went ...view middle of the document...

It wasn’t until the human took action and actually shot 3 that the others took action. This quality is true in common every-day animals as well as humans. Generally speaking the quickest way to cause humans or animals to take action is to mess with their group, in particular their family. I view the three animals as a sort of family, they had to go through a lot together, like families do. They only had each other which is how families are, they are usually the ones you can count on the most to be there for you. So when the human attacked a member of the group, of course 1 was going to come to his defense and do his best to protect him. Especially when you look at 1 as the leader of the three, you can see why he would feel that the safety of the other “family” members would be a priority of his, and something that he would feel he was responsible to protect. He could have easily attacked before the man shot at 3, but he waited until he was more or less forced to jump into action and take matters into his own hands, because he harmed one of his companions.
Another interesting thing that these specific panels do a good job of displaying is the certain characteristics that these killing machines have in common to each of their original species respectively. Here we see that 1 is clearly the leader and probably the most dangerous attacker of the three. Which between a dog, cat, and rabbit would obviously be the case as well. Then second would be the cat and last the rabbit. Also the cat shows that he is sneaky in his ways of attacking, and seems almost deceptive much like cats are in real life. The rabbit displays the inability to express complex thoughts through his one or two word thoughts. His thoughts seem almost to “jump” from one thing to another. He goes from thinking about his tail being messed up, to finding home,...

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