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Nevada Essay

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Nevada’s Future

Nevada has come a long way. In the 1990s the population of Nevada was only 1,200,000 and now they have nearly doubled in size to 2,758,931 (US Census 2013). Nevada is well known throughout the world well I should say a certain city within in Nevada is well known, and that is Las Vegas. Many people have always wanted to come to Nevada but only for tourism not so much living. As you can see from the population, that has now changed. Jobs have grown in Nevada since all these casinos have now been opening up. Now that the casinos have helped build the population this has caused Nevada to have to grow in the local ...view middle of the document...

Nevada still would have Lake Tahoe for tourism but I believe that would also start to fall since there would be no more casinos for people to travel to. Casinos are such a big impact to the local community that they even have casinos that cater mainly to the locals (station casinos).
Nevada’s mining is also a huge factor in Nevada’s well-being. The mining in Nevada has created 25,000 jobs paying $1.5 billion in wages and salaries (NMA 2010). It also has provided $7.8 billion in economic output for Nevada (NMA 2010). The growth in Nevada mining GDP has increased a +429.7% from 2001 to 2011(NMA2010). Just by these numbers alone it is obvious that Nevada’s mining is a huge impact on Nevada. Take out the mining and you might as well take Nevada’s knees out. Billions and billions of dollars would be gone and just like the casinos, thousands and thousands of jobs lost. People would start to leave Nevada to find new opportunities. Nevada does not need the Billion dollar mining industry to leave especially with the amount it is pumping into the economy. To have a GDP increase of 429.7% in the last ten years is amazing and by reading more on it from Nevada Mining Association, its seems to be still growing which is exactly what a state needs. More jobs more money more spending.
At the rate that Nevada is growing with the Casinos and also mining I believe that Nevada has a bright future ahead of them. The mining industry is growing greatly and rapidly. I believe all it has to do is grow. The casinos are doing nothing but growing. If you look at just Las Vegas, the casinos there have grown and grown...

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