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Neurofeedback Conference Call Minutes Essay

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Neurofeedback Conference Call Minutes
Pre-conference Discussion:
Doug will try his best to ensure that Devon and I get added to Larry’s emails
Discussed the plan for dealing with Larry’s contacts
Devon and Jana will mail the letter & a hard copy of the filer
Recruitment of local college newspapers underway
How to incorporate the NY Times article
Piggyback off of the small mention of neurofeedback research being done in depression
Bring to light the fact that they didn’t mention the results found in double blind studies
Larry to send a meta-analysis by Martain Arns (Netherlands) & and an article by Gevensleven to Fred, Devon & Jana,
Gevensleven: one of the more recent European, double blind neurofeedback research articles.
Possible critique of Gevensleven’s research is that it may not have actually been a valid double blind study, i.e. it was ...view middle of the document...

Text Messaging Participants
Need to include/revise IRB
Need to sort out what text message will include and do a dry run
Scaling: 1-10 or anchor, 1,3,5
Should there be wording (none, some, a lot) and a number (1, 3, 5)
Devon and Jana to look at previous research to find a model to follow
Larry has used 1-10 scale in the past and it has worked. Unless we find otherwise, we should use 1-10 scale
Possible measurements: anxiety, mood, irritability.
Anxiety may be difficult for teens to rate? Use worry? Nervous?
Change irritability to crankiness? May be easier to teens to understand
Is asking teens to respond to 3 ratings too much?
Send all 3 in one text may work well. Have teens report their 3 numbers for the day
Concern about ordering their responses correctly and understanding the differences between each component they are rating
Decided to have 2 measurements: happy versus sad and calm versus nervous
We want them to go from negative to positive but question about high to low, is one better or worse or could there be both components in each?
Larry will work out the bugs of the texting and make sure to keep it under 160 characters so that it will all be sent in one message
Will send a test run message to all of the team
Other Issues?
Need to clarify neurofeedback instructions
Larry will have someone give him information or a written script
Next Meeting
10/22, 12:30 p.m.

Problem with craigslist/site email
Form works but email does not
All agree to remove the email option and to direct prospective participants to the form

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