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Networking Concepts Essay

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• What are smart phones?
o A smart phone is a device that was introduced after the basic phone was used.The usual cell phone was used to make and receive calls. A smart phone as the ability to make and receive calls, send text messages, and browse the web. Web browsing has become more popular with the increase of speeds from cellular networks. No one wants to sit with their blackberry curve and browse on 2G. As soon as 3G came around, there was a large increase in the usage of smart phones also and now, moving forward with LTE/4G as well.
• What changed from 1G cellular technology to 2G technology?
o The main thing that changed from 1G to 2G technology was ...view middle of the document...

For one instance, environment. When using wireless cards or cellphones while browsing, you will not always receive the same data speeds wherever you go or all during the year. Sometimes during fall, the foliage is prevalent, and it weakens signal strength to cell towers. It can depend on the structure of your house, and whatever structure is between you and the nearest connected cell tower.
• What are likely to be typical download speeds for early 4G systems?
o Currently the speeds for 4G are still far higher than 3G, but are not as high as 4G will become to be. The current speeds are around 3-5 Mbps.
• What speeds will 4G support eventually?
o Download speeds for a typical 4G user, would be from 1Gbps for a stationary user and 100 Mbps for a user on the go. This is insanely higher from the previous technology released before 4G. It is faster, almost tenfold. Those are the kind of speeds that I would hope.
• At what generation did video downloads and reasonably fast web access becomes feasible?
o I would say that video downloads and reasonably fast web access became feasible with 3G.It is far faster than 2G, and still provided the ability to browse and exchange videos/emails etc. I went from a 4G droid device back to my 3G iPhone and notice a reasonable difference.
• What generation is sufficient for high-definition video and very fast web access?
o The generation that high definition video downloads and very fast web access would probably be 4G. 3G speeds were far faster than 2G, but for watching videos it is fairly sluggish.

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