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Networking Essay

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Network Basics
Server- system that responds to requests across a computer network to provide a network service. AW server is the server, the software and the data they generate.
Client- computer that receives services from a server. AW server install a client in PCs that accesses the AW server
Node- any addressable location on a network; can be a phone, printer, monitor, a CT, AW server.
How many nodes are you going to connect? Meaning how many connections are you going to have to the network- as in if the doctor, a nurse and tech want it they are already connected into the network. We connect one and that is the server for AW.
Mixed mode networks, meaning different nodes connected. ...view middle of the document...

Switch is the piece of hardware that allows you to connect to the backbone.
Subnet mask- VLAN virtual local area network; not physically local but virtually they need to be on the same subnet to work together faster.
Using the gateway to route outside of our virtual network. Switches help us stay in our virtual network. Gateway is the software, router is the physical piece of HW (node).

Wireless – WLAN (wide area or wireless area)

Server specifics:
Inside a server there are acronyms you need to know:
Bits & bytes- how RAM is available.
RAM- random access memory, temporary space, stores some of the data you access all the time- more RAM faster the machine can access the data.
How much RAM does it have?? Have sheets.
CPU- central processing unit- what type of CPU does it have? How many CPUs does it have? Servers could have up to 4 and 8.
RAID 0-5 & 10- has to do with the storage devices, the hardware, hard drives, discs. In a server it is called a disc, larger holds more data. Redundant array of inexpensive discs- allows the server to have redundancy inside its hard drives; if you had a server that had two hard drives we would probably use a RAID 1 (take all info from 1 disc and copy it on to this disc) – RAID 1 – mirroring.

RAID 5 is called striping – multiple info on multiple discs.
AW Server is a RAID 10- we incorporate RAID 1 & RAID 5, mirror the OS and stripe the data. Get the info automatically once the failed Hard drive is replaced- while the system is up and running you can swap them, “hot swappable”
Are both sides of the rack hot? Yes both sides of it have power.
Does it have any RAID- yes it is a RAID 10. Any redundancy in it? Yes power, yes NIC card (4 in server) data is RAID 10 configured.

How you present it is how you say it- I’m the project manager I’m going to manage this project but I want to get an engineer on the call to answer your questions. (Terry).
Say you have the Site spec sheet that you will send.
Knowing how to say the answer so they are comfortable with the expertise level.
* UPS – uninterrupted power supply- very important, say they lose power- we have backups to keep servers running, there is so much time depending on how much power there is. The AW server does need to be on a UPS (high tier) a low tier is optional. Want to be able to power down with out
* Centralized UPS- entire building is connected to a generator that will kick in to power it up. We can sell them a UPS that will install with the server. 99% of the time they have a UPS.
* PDU- power distribution unit. Distributing the power to other locations so if the power goes down they will connect elsewhere. Comes with the AW server, a lot of people don’t use it, when you install it in a rack they already have them. Both sides of our rack is hot (power on both sides)
* KVM- keyboard, virtual monitor / mouse. One piece of equipment that goes in and will let you do what you need...

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