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Network Solutions Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Network Overview

After reviewing Kudler Fine Food network, the conclusion has been made that a massive network overhaul has to be performed to ensure the Kudler’s network is operating at the highest performance possible and to ensure that the company can be competitive from a technological stand point. The current equipment and software that Kudler Fine Foods is using on their network are out of date and antiquated. Ensuring that Kudler is able to keep pace with the network technological advances be made is very important but it is also important to make sure that the proper systems are installed so that there is no wasted money. By building Kudler’s ...view middle of the document...

The first thing that will be done is to remove the old 56k modems and replace them with a new Wide Area Network (WAN) at each of Kudlers locations. In addition to the WAN each location will be equipped to handle a wireless Local Area Network (LAN). The addition of the WAN at each of Kudler Fine Foods location will be linked together which will further increase the speed of the network and allow all of the employees to communicate through the intranet. The new WAN will also allow Kudler to use Voice of Internet Protocol also known as VoIP. VoIP will be a great addition to the network because it allows Kudler to tap into additional resources without increasing the cost. Kudler will receive the highest phone quality by tapping into the existing network without adding an extra cost. Also VoIP will be able to be managed from one of the three Kudler locations.

The second issue that needs to be addressed is the efficiency and the speed the network is currently operating at. One of the main problems with the speed and efficiency of the Kudler network is that every system host that is currently being utilized at all locations is operating on Windows 98. Windows 98 is over a decade old and needs to be upgraded to Windows 8. Windows 8 would allow Kudler employees the use of best sales and marketing tools available. Kudlers profits can be maximized with the use of Windows 8 because employees will be able to track and replace vital inventory as it is sold and allowing Kudler to track its most popular items sold so that additional inventory can be ordered because of the increased demand.
Since the host systems at all locations will receive a much needed upgrade Kudler must also upgrade the out of date servers at both the La Jolla and Delmar locations. Both the La Jolla and Delmar locations are currently operating on a Windows NT server which is also over a decade old type of technology. The modem and cd rom that are built into the current sever are obsolete because the new server will have more up to date and faster devices. Also the XLS servers at each location will need to be upgraded because they are also running an antiquated version of Microsoft Office. Currently Kudler cannot upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office because their current severs cannot support it. When Kudler Fine Foods has the new up to date servers installed they will be able to use Windows 2010 and XLS spread sheets. The Random Access Memory (RAM) will be increased and upgraded allowing for the upgraded software to operate over it. This will allow the Kudler employees to share information throughout the network. Spread sheets can be updated in real time automatically by using Point of Sale (POS) systems. This data can be shared between all of Kudler...

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