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Network Security Assessment Essay

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Network Security Assessment

Prepared for:
University of Maryland University College

Prepared by:
David Yurchak

I. Vulnerability Assessments
In the same way as other associations in the monetary administrations and different segments, agent merchants (firms) are the objective of digital assaults. The recurrence and complexity of these assaults are expanding, and individual intermediary merchants and the business, in general, must make reacting to these dangers a high need.
An assortment of components is driving this firms' presentation to digital security dangers. The interaction between advances in innovation, changes in the firms' plan of action, and changes ...view middle of the document...

Hazard appraisals serve as foundational devices for this firm to comprehend the cyber security dangers they confront over the scope of the company's exercises and resources regardless of the organization's size or plan of action. Below is a table with an analysis of the current network with risks and impact to the firm.
Impacts to business
Expected incidents per Year
Expected loss per Incident
Annual Loss Expectancy
Remediation Steps
Virus Infection
Range from time spent cleaning machines to rebuilding machines and loading backup data, and network outage
Gateway and Desktop AV
Worm Infection
Range from time spent cleaning machines to rebuilding machines and loading backup data, and network outage
Firewalls, patching, personal firewalls for laptops
Hack by Competitor
Loss of customer lists, and proprietary information
Firewalls, strong authentication
Intellectual property theft, or confidential disclosure insider
Loss of customer lists, and proprietary information
Strong authentication and access control software, audit logs, encryption
DoSA (Denial of Service Attack)
Loss of use of internet connection, and access to company website
Configured firewalls and routers, and countermeasures implemented by ISP, with sophisticated IPS systems

The firms’ network should be separated from the public Internet by strong user authentication mechanisms and policy enforcement systems such as firewalls and web filtering proxies. Extra observing and security arrangements, for example, antivirus programming and interruption detection frameworks, ought to likewise be utilized to recognize and stop malevolent code or unapproved access endeavors.
A prepared all-around staff is a vital guard against digital assaults. Indeed, even well-meaning staff can get to be incidental vectors for fruitful digital assaults through, for instance, the accidental downloading of malware. Powerful preparing aides diminish the probability that such assaults will be fruitful. A viable practice for firms is to set up and keep up an administration structure for the management of cybersecurity dangers and related controls fitting to the association's size, and the way its cyber security hazard presentation. The administration system ought to verbalize the parts and obligations of hierarchical units and people inside of those units.
As utilized as a part of this report, "Administration" and "administration structure" allude extensively to the foundation of "arrangements, techniques, and procedures to oversee and screen the association's administrative, lawful, hazard, natural, and operational prerequisites" in a design that is comprehended inside of the association and that illuminates its administration of cybersecurity danger.

II. Network/System Security Recommendations

A synopsis of key activities that are suggested for this firm is as per the...

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