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Network Security And Management Essay

3952 words - 16 pages

Network Security and Management
Brandi Schoch
CTU Online
Introduction to Network Management
Jennifer Gaddy
August 11, 2014

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Identifying the Network 3
The Organization 3
Network Servers 3
Network Personnel 3
Diagramming the Network 5
Network Architecture 5
Speed and Distance 6
Access Method 6
Network Models 8
OSI Model 8
FCAPS Model 11
The Diagrams 13
Protocols and Agents 14
Protocols Used Presently 14
Security Concerns 15
Network Security 16
Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses 16
Hacker Attacks 17
Identity Theft 17
Network Management 18
Managing Hardware and Applications 18
Managing ...view middle of the document...

Network Personnel
Each computer user is responsible for all their data. However all data is backed up by the network administrator (me) with portable hard drives which are then put in a safe location. This is important for family member’s personal data as well as business data. The administrator’s hub also has larger hard drive capability and acts as a temporary backup in case of portable drive failure.
The Jr Network Administrator (my son) handles the consoles data and system. All data from these consoles is saved within the hard drive of the console. This data is not as important as it only pertains to our entertainment.

Diagramming the Network

Network Architecture
This network starts with a modem. However this is too simplistic a definition for what this piece of hardware does. It is combination of modem, router, switch, and firewall. It handles both hardwired and wireless clients. For simplicity it will be referred to as the modem. The main business computer is hardwired into this modem. The other computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and consoles all connect to this modem wirelessly. The main printer is also connected wirelessly.

Speed and Distance
Speed can be an issue with this network due to the limitations of internet availability in this area. DSL is the only cost effective option right now. Unfortunately, our phone lines are older and have not been replaced yet. So we cannot get high speed DSL in our area. This means instead of getting 7 Mbps we are only able to work at a 3.5 Mbps, as all clients are not used simultaneously there is not much issue with lagging. Bear in mind that this is just download speed; upload speed is much slower at 911 Kbps which is actually less than one megabit of data.
Distance is not really an issue as all clients, servers, and modems are within the same 1300 ft. building.
Access Method
As shown in the diagram above there is only one computer connected to the network physically. The printer and all other client/servers are connected via Wlan. The modem automatically picks up each device and has to be approved through the network administrator to be added to the network. This modem has an unmanaged switch. Wireless access standards on my device are done through a combined 802.11b and 802.11g connections.
There are no repeaters on this network. There is only the LAN/WLAN and no other LANs connected to my network.
This architecture is typical for a residential household or a small business. It provides enough protection and very little maintenance for the homeowner or small business owner who doesn’t want to deal with a complicated system. Most of the “work” is taken care of by the internet provider company who also provides tech services from their office or comes to your home or office. They also provide the hardware for internet access, and network access, as well as the first firewall of protection from the internet. The homeowner/small business owner is really only responsible...

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