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Network Security Essay

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1) Construct networks using different types of network devices
Hub is one of the basic icons of networking devices which works at physical layer and hence connect networking devices physically together. Hubs are fundamentally used in networks that use twisted pair cabling to connect devices. They are designed to transmit the packets to the other appended devices without altering any of the transmitted packets received. They act as pathways to direct electrical signals to travel along. They transmit the information regardless of the fact if data packet is destined for the device connected or not.
Switches are the linkage points of an Ethernet network. Just as in hub, ...view middle of the document...

It connects two local-area networks; two physical LANs into larger logical LAN or two segments of the same LAN that use the same protocol.

Apart from building up larger networks, bridges are also used to segment larger networks into smaller portions. The bridge does so by placing itself between the two portions of two physical networks and controlling the flow of the data between them. Bridges nominate to forward the data after inspecting into the MAC address of the devices connected to every segment. The forwarding of the data is dependent on the acknowledgement of the fact that the destination address resides on some other interface. It has the capacity to block the incoming flow of data as well. Today Learning bridges have been introduced that build a list of the MAC addresses on the interface by observing the traffic on the network. This is a leap in the development field of manually recording of MAC addresses.
Routers are network layer devices and are particularly identified as Layer- 3 devices of the OSI Model. They process logical addressing information in the Network header of a packet such as IP Addresses. Router is used to create larger complex networks by complex traffic routing. It has the ability to connect dissimilar LANs on the same protocol. It also has the ability to limit the flow of broadcasts. A router primarily comprises of a hardware device or a system of the computer which has more than one network interface and routing software.

Brouters are the combination of both the bridge and routers. They take up the functionality of the both networking devices serving as a bridge when forwarding data between networks, and serving as a router when routing data to individual systems. Brouter functions as a filter that allows some data into the local network and redirects unknown data to the other network.

2) Enhance security using NAC/NAP methodologies
Network access control (NAC) products entered the market a few years ago to fill this gap. A typical NAC solution provides an endpoint assessment of the computer and then enables access and enforces security policy based on the state of the computer and the identity of the user.
One key benefit of NAP is that any anti-virus vendor that reports status via Windows Security Centre will also be capable of reporting status via NAP. Most of the anti-virus products work with NAP.
Benefits of NAP-NAC
The interoperability of NAP and NAC allows customers to preserve their investments in a NAC network or NAP desktop and server infrastructure. With this joint architecture, customers do not have to choose between NAC and NAP; they can realize the benefits of both solutions.
The features and benefits of NAP-NAC include:
Interoperability and customer choice. Customers can choose components, infrastructure, and technology that best suits their needs, while implementing a single, coordinated solution.
Investment protection. The interoperability architecture enables...

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