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Network Plus Essay

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CompTIA Network+ Practice Question Answers
Question 1.

Objective: Given a scenario, install and configure routers and switches.

The IEEE standard 802.3af states the specifications for which of the following?
a) Quality of Service
b) VLANs
c) Routing tables
d) Power over Ethernet

Question 2.

Objective: Given a scenario, troubleshoot common router and switch problems.

A user's remote marketing server has changed IP address schemes and now the user can no longer access it. The user further discovers that the distant end still has access to them. Which of the following is a possible cause?
a) SNMP strings need to be added
b) Firewall rules need to be configured
c) Port ...view middle of the document...

Objective: Summarize DNS concepts and its components.

Which of the following record types is required for every server in a DNS environment?
a) AAA
b) MX
c) SFP
d) A

Question 8.

Objective: Compare and contrast different wireless standards.

The frequency of the 802.11b and 802.11g is which of the following?
a) 2.4GHz
b) 900MHz
c) 5GHz
d) 1800MHz

Question 9.

Objective: Identify common TCP and UDP default ports.

Which of the following uses port 22 by default?
b) SSH
c) FTP
d) DNS

Question 10.

Objective: Given a scenario, troubleshoot common wireless problems.

A user is unable to connect to a network with encryption. The user is able to see the network and has the correct passphrase. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?
a) Encryption type
b) SSID mismatch
c) Standard mismatch
d) Signal strength

Question 11.

Objective: Given a scenario, troubleshoot common physical connectivity problems.

A technician is troubleshooting a UTP cable that has been suspected of having problems due to EMI. Which of the following cables should the technician use without adding new equipment to the network?
a) Singlemode fiber
b) STP
c) Plenum
d) Multimode fiber

Question 12.

Objective: Describe different network topologies.

Which of the following network topologies describes a network where packets of data are transmitted from one computer to another in a circular fashion?
a) Ring
b) Mesh
c) Bus
d) Star

Question 13.

Objective: Given a scenario, troubleshoot common physical connectivity problems.

Which of the following defines the length of time a device retains its IP address for?
a) Scope
b) Reservation
c) Subnet
d) Lease

Question 14.

Objective: Identify virtual network components.

Which of the following virtual devices is the BEST to use to host a company's website?
a) PBX
b) Server
c) Switch
d) Desktop

Question 15.

Objective: Categorize standard media types and associated properties.

A cable standard that includes a fire-retardant jacket is:
a) coaxial cable
b) fiber cable
c) plenum cable
d) UTP cable

Question 16.

Objective: Given a scenario use appropriate hardware tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues .

A new drop is active according to the network administrator. A technician takes a laptop to the new drop to test connectivity and gets an intermittent signal. Which of the following tools could the technician use to test the line?
a) Environmental monitor
b) Toner probe
c) Protocol analyzer
d) Cable tester

Question 17.

Objective: Given a scenario, implement appropriate wireless security measures.

An administrator works for a law firm in an office building in a major city. After installing a new wireless access point, the administrator secures the device using WPA and then connects to it using a laptop. Which of the following would be the logical NEXT step in securing the device?
a) Add a second SSID...

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