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Network Design Paper

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Network Design Paper

Your small business received a contract award to upgrade the network of the UMUC branch office located in Mannheim, Germany. Currently, each department has its own network with its own DSL connection. Students and faculty members have to access each department through the Internet to access resources. Also, each department has added computers by using switches and repeaters.

Some of the major problems of the networks are:
High rate of collisions
Slow speed due to a large broadcast domain
High administrative cost due to a lack of centralized network management
Lack of backup WAN connectivity
Lack of data backup on servers
Inadequate network ...view middle of the document...

Each of these labs will have 21 computers (20 student computers and 1 instructor computer). Each of these labs will also have a server in the closet located inside the lab.

In addition to the six computer labs, there will also be a Student Computer Lab that will provide computer access to students to do their homework. There will be 30 computers in this lab and a server in the closet.

The library will also have some computers to allow students access to the library resources. There will be 10 computers for student’s use in the library, and 5 computers for Library staff.

There are four lecture classrooms in the building. Each of this room will have a computer for instructor’s use.

Finally, there are various offices in the building. Each of these offices will have one computer for the staff use, with the exception of the Admission office that will have 5 computers for staff use.

Equipment Inventory

WorkstationPlacement | Number ofWorkstations | Users | Total WS |
6 InstructionalComputer labs | 21 WS | Student andInstructor | 126 WS(based on 20 WS for students and 1 WS for instructor on each lab * 6 labs) |
Student Computer Lab | 30 WS | Student | 30 WS |
6 Various Offices | 1 WS | Staff | 6 WS |
1 Admission office | 5 WS | Staff | 5 WS |
Library | 10 WS | Student | 10 WS |
Library | 5 WS | Staff | 5 WS |
4 Instructional Classrooms | 1 WS | Instructor | 4 WS Total |
Server | ? | Staff | To be determined by students |
Network ConnectingDevices | ? | IT Staff | To be determined by students |
Printers | ? | Staff | To be determined by student |
Printers | ? | Instructional | To be determined by student |

Two server rooms have been allocated, one on the first floor and one on the second floor.

Your task is to design the network for this new building with the following criteria:
* Student-accessed computers should be on separate network from the staff-accessed computers. There should be at least 3 separate networks: Administrative, Instructional, and Public. All staff-accessed computers will be on the Administrative network. The computers in the instructional computer labs and classrooms that will be used for classes should be on the Instructional network. The wifi and the computers in the student lobby should be in the Public network.
* The whole building will share one Internet access connection (T-1 link from Telekom). This connection will come into the Server Room on the first floor. The Public IP address for the router here is
* Security is very important for UMUC as we have to protect students and employees data as well as any intellectual property that UMUC has on the servers and computers.
* The network has been assigned the network address for all computers and devices. ...

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