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Network Design For A Local Business

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Network Design for A local Business
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Network Design for A local Business
The world is moving towards technology, therefore, each and every business whether local or international need to have a well equipped and reliable network. Network design simply ensures that a new technological service satisfy the various needs of the operators and also the subscribers. A network design involves connections of different devices with some end systems, for example, computers or mobile phones and servers that can link to each other well (Juan, 2004). However for our case various locations or departments in our local business need to ...view middle of the document...

However, we can back it up by setting online backup software. Since there are many frustrations when data are lost, it is advisable to use static IP address for the various work stations. This will curb data loss since the IP addresses of each and every machine in the office shall remain the same in such dangerous situations.

Second, we have the interconnections that house the various components in which data travel from one end point to the other. The components in this category include the following: network interface cards (NIC) or Ethernet card wireless, network media and the connectors (Lian, Moynes & Tilbury, 2002). The purpose of the network interface card is to translate the electronic data that has been produced and put it in a way that can be transmitted over to the specific local network. On the other hand, the network media that involve the wireless media and use of cables help in transmitting signals from a device that is networked to another. However, when using Wi-Fi, we should use 802.11n since it is more effective. Our local business has 50 employees therefore; a good number of more than 5 Ethernet cables will work. Also the length of these cables should considerably be good before the purchase is made. The other thing that shall be included in network media is the cable/DSL modem. This is most important since they are kind of box in which the cables are plugged in. Lastly the connectors which are the most important in network design provide the connection points. The other physical component is the switches and they are good at providing attachment to the end systems. Additionally, it also helps in providing an intelligent switching of electronic data use within the premises of the local network. The last physical components are the routers. Routers are important in such away that they interconnect networks by dispersing data and also they provide the best paths for electronic data. The routers can be wired or WI-FI. Additionally, a printer in the office is also good for managing network and can be shared by the various departments in the office and also they can be added to any of the departments. However, for easy accessibility and ensuring monitoring of the new printers added we shall use the printer inspector.

Designing this network has a challenge which needs to be looked at thoroughly. The locations of these particular offices are not quite convincing thus they pose a problem to the network designer. The offices are in the same building but in different floors. One floor separates the two offices giving room for one office to be on the 3rd floor while the other is situated on the 5th floor. Therefore, the transmission of data and cabling would be a problem. In order to combat this design challenge of using two non-adjacent floors I would recommend the business to use two different access points and the servers for the computers should also be different. Similarly, I would recommend the use of Virtually...

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