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Network Design Essay

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1RFP ResponseRESPONSE TO REQUEST FOR PROPOSALResponse to Request for Proposal for Consultant ServicesFor Shell Oil CompanyMonica CurryCIS532Network Architecture and AnalysisExecutive SummaryTechnology today has become the means for organizations to become more competitive in today's business world. Having the right infrastructure in place helps organizations to ensure that their technology needs are met, in addition to ensuring that data is safe, and systems are operating smoothly. As the years come and go technology will change and new technology will evolve. Technology Inc. has been proven to meet its customer technology needs over and over by implementing dynamic networking infrastructures as well as ensuring data security, as well as global security of its domains structures.Our implementation plan ...view middle of the document...

We will purchase the materials needed, such as hardware, software, cables, advise you on what kind of systems are needed, and what is needed for wireless communications. As well as getting IP address assigned so that there will not be any problems with the network being bottlenecked.As an organization grows its technology needs will grow as well, having the need to have a network that is reliable, safe and secure from outside entities. As well as fitting into the organization's culture, vision and needs, we strongly believe that Technology Inc. can meet this challenge..By using the existing equipment and analyzing the configuration of the network devices, the audit of the network will be able to be performed without the need to purchase any expensive auditing applications. In addition, the traffic flow will be characterized(DiNicolo D., 2009). Technology Inc. will be able to provide the client with a complete accurate and up-to-date analysis of the current network systems; once this has been completed a decision matrix will be presented to the client.This will determine the priority of each application, at this time a report will be presented, providing a summary of the condition of the present networks. The report will provide documentation on the physical and logical topologies of the network as well as providing status of next step of preparing the network for anticipated merger.ReferenceOppenheimer, P. (2011). Top-Down Network Design. Indianapolis: Cisco Press.DiNicolo, D. (2007, July 9). Network Design Step 1. Retrieved from 2000trainers:, D. (2007, July 9). Network Design Step 2. Retrieved from 2000trainers:

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