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Netiquette Essay

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Louise Anne V. Principe
BSP - 1
Internet Etiquette (Netiquette 101)
1. When typing never write in all capital letters.  
2. Don’t plagiarize. Site their name or their site. Always give the site where you have gotten your information.
3. Use proper quotes and always use the whole quote.  Don’t take quotes out of context and don’t be selective about which part of the quote you want to use. 
4. Don’t gossip and keep personal information personal.  Don’t tell stories that you don’t know for a fact to be true. 
5. Don’t steal those photographs off the web even if they are a perfect fit for what you need.  Get permission and give credit where credit is due. 
6. Watch ...view middle of the document...

11. Protect Personal Information. Since anything you post on the Internet is out there for all to see, avoid adding anything personal.

Personal experiences:
* I often always see multiple posts of the same thing on my feed from the same person, advertising some sort of business or product. It can become very annoying or irritating when you scroll down your feed and only see the same post over and over again.
* When random people that you don’t know chat or dm you on facebook, twitter or ig with very rude or suggestive comments that are very disrespectful to you. Also, when they spam your chatbox with meaningless messages just so you could notice them.
* I had a batchmate that was once criticized on the internet by people from my school. Her photo was posted on a group page and guys commented rude things about her, saying crude things about her appearance etc.
* I frequently receive spam messages on my email about winning contests or giveaways I didn’t even enter and I also get pop-ups that makes you take a random survey. These people ask for your personal info (credit card number, cellphone number, address etc.) which puts you in a lot of trouble because they can use info like that to their advantage and trick you.
* When I open websites, I often get pop-ups that say I have to download a certain program and when you download that program, it usually contains a virus that causes harm to your computer or devic

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