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Nesrle's Porters Five Forces Model Analysis

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This report is entirely prepared in the form as required by the Faculty of Management (FOM), T.U. (Tribhuvan University) for the partial fulfillment of the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration).
This project is assigned to us as a part of our practical examination under Management Information System by Tribhuvan University, aimed at giving knowledge of practical working environment. Apart from the University Examination, this project is almost like on the job training. So the knowledge we had gained during this fieldwork study is very important for us.
We are very thankful to many people who have helped us during our fieldwork. We would like to extend our heartily ...view middle of the document...

Mount View hotel of Thamel, uses Danphe software for the operation and recording the information of the hotel. Despite their best effort, there are still certain limitation such as,the hotel is unaware of Online Transaction Processing System (OLTPS),the hotel is using the traditional way of recording the data. Beside this, the concept of networking processing system is not introduced and also the hotel is facing the problem of time and financial constraint.

Chapter II:

2.1 Background

Number of domestic as well as foreign tourist is swelling, which increased the demand of quality and excellent service in hotel business. However, the services provided by the hotels aren’t sufficient enough to draw the customer’s attention. It may be due to uncertainty of customer demand. And also the lack of coordination among the service providers has increased the problem of miscommunication and delay in services that has compact the number of customers.

Nowadays different issues has been facing by the hotel business staffs, such as the lack of proper room services, high prices, proper coordination, quality services, untrained employees are the main problems and issues that the firm is facing in today’s context. The use of traditional information record system is the main delinquent; they can’t track the information of delivery. The emergence of information system has focused to adopt online service in hotel business as well. The hotel management service is a platform, which provides the customer quality services, whenever they need wherever they want. It will also increase the revenue cost because it reduces employment cost on subscription department.

2.2 Proposed system
In order to solve the above listed problems that the hotel management has been facing, we have proposed a new ‘Hotel management and services”. The proposed new system is hotel management information system to overcome the hurdles. The name of our proposed system is “Mount View Information System”. It uses various information systems like Transaction Processing System (TPS), Knowledge Work System (KWS), Management Information System (MIS), Decision Support System (DSS), and Executive Support System (ESS).

Proposed system provides with following solutions:
* It provides updated information to every level of manager.
* It provides "better and efficient" service to customers.
* It assists in decision making.
* It reduces the monotony at work and workload of employee as well.
* Immediate retrieval of information whenever required.
2.2.1 Objectives of the proposed system
This system is based on research methodologies. Firstly we analyzed the problems and surveyed the market. We also visited the different hotel and motels to get their problems. This helped us to make such kind of platform.

This website provides the following benefits to user and hotel:
* It provides customer ease in subscribing different...

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