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French Neo-Colonialism in Burkina Faso

The brutal legacy of European colonialism and neo-colonialism as forms of imperialism manifests itself in various ways in Africa. In the 19th century, French imperialism colonized more African territories than any other of its European counterparts. Many countries colonized by France like Burkina Faso gained their formal independence in the early 1960s due to heroes’ anti-colonial, and national freedom struggles that spread throughout the African continent. Despite the formal declaration of independence for the colonized countries, France among other colonizer’s European countries maintains deep economic and administrative ties to almost all its ...view middle of the document...

The country is free from direct foreign rule but the economic infrastructure is still in the hands of the former colonial country's companies and institutions. The result of this is that, decisions made by indigenous Burkinabe leaders have to be carefully made so that they remain non-threatening to the institutions that control the natural and financial resources of the country. This results in the following problems which are the general reasons for the lack of integral development and the persistence of absolute poverty in the country which is strained to continue to depend on her colonial master, France, politically. This makes things difficult for the country, if not partially, to contract alliances without asking approval from the colonial master. The continuous dependency on France for political decision is not assisting true democracy to take root in Burkina Faso. France, most at times is found to intercede in Burkinabes domestic issues. Unfortunately in the third world, a nation does not solve its own internal problems but is subject to paternalistic condescension from ex-colonial powers at any moment. This constant intervention undermines the dignity of the country independence and does not allow the country to grow democratically. The etymology of the word democracy is clear and limpid: It is about the people and their power. Contrary to the definition of democracy, actions of the neo-colonialist jeopardize the political development of Burkina Faso.

French partnership with francophone African countries is maintained through the promotion of French language, culture and the spectacularly lopsided external financing and debt rescheduling provided by France. Through this partnership, France has secured a vast market for its products, a steady supply of cheap raw materials, unrivaled political influence, a strategic presence in companies and national businesses… As mentioned before Burkina Faso is rich in natural resources but they are exploited for use in neo-colonialist countries. The means of production are owned by foreign corporations who employ various means to transfer profits out of the country rather than invest them in the local economy. In terms of this, Burkina Faso experiences what is known as 'development of underdevelopment'. Burkina Faso, with an abundance of gold, plumb, zinc, manganese, copper, cotton, sugar, has one of the poorest populations in the world. The economy, which is still really controlled by French imperialism, is based on exporting the wealth at the dictates of the capitalist market and not on using the resources to build up the infrastructure to meet the needs of the population (in Health and education).

Moreover in an attempt to control and continue to play a major role in the economic affairs of her colonies, France, just like any European colonial master, indirectly convinced francophone countries in Africa like Burkina to practice monocultures technics (which is dependency on one crop). These...

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