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Nelson Mandela Essay

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South-Africa was settled by Dutch spaking whites, the boers, in the seventeenth century. Later they were followed by the British, who they several times fought against to keep the power. In 1948 the white people felt that the bladks threatened their position, so the national party, that has formed all the governments since then, introduced the policy of apartheid. Apartheid is a term that originally is Dutch and means separation. The system was in practice used to retain the white minority's economical, political and cultural supremacy. There came new laws that devided the population into white, black, coloured and Asian groups. the foundation of apartheid was already made when the first ...view middle of the document...

The campaign got attention also internationally. The participants dicipøine, their self sacrificing work and relationship to eachother was noticed all over the world. After a while Nelson Mandela was considered South-Africa's national foregrounds-figure in international media. ANC was banned in 1960 because the party opposed strongly to white supremacy. Mandela was forced to work underground, but he managed to travel abroad to obtain support and understanding. He turned up in the most unexpected places, and even had speeches at big conferences. Because of his daring actions, he was called "The Black Pimpernell". After debates the illegal party,ANC, established a new, violent group in their party, - "Umkhonto We Sizwe". Nelson Mandela was appointed the leader position. It was not an easy decision whether to use violence or not. Some doubted if it was the right time to start this movement. Mandela was in strong favour for the new arrangement, but it bothered him that his own experiences with 20 years of disciplined non-violence had been wasted. In August 1962 he was disguised in the uniform of a chauffeur for a good friend. Their car was stopped by a police road block, and the country's most wanted man was caught. The police was prpared, and knew what car they were going to stop, so its most likely that a member in ANC was paid to inform against the leader. Nelson decided to defend himself and his people in court. Media from all over the world was present, and Mandela saw the chance he had to explain why ANC's struggle against the apartheid system was fair. The risk of life imprisonment was there, so this could be his last chance. Mandela stated that if necessary, he was prepared to die...

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