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Negroes With Guns Essay

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Negroes with Guns

A mans testimony about the unfair justice of American society during the 1960’s is depicted in grave detail in this Narrative Negroes with Guns. The narrator, Robert Williams expresses his experiences with the legal system that he once had faith in, but now has betrayed him. Now with this mind set of taking the law into his own hands, Williams is on a quest to change the course of the racial inequalities of the time. With court cases, passive-aggressive protest and having an “enough is enough” attitude towards the white mans unjust ways of law, Williams stands his ground.

Williams was a veteran who wasn’t forceful in his approach to obtain civil rights. He speaks of a time where he was confronted by a white man with a bat and an angry mob screaming “Kill the ...view middle of the document...

I told him that we didn’t intend to be lynched. The other policeman who had run around the side of the car started to draw his revolver out of the holster. He was hoping to shoot me in the back. They didn’t know that we had more than one gun.”(pg10)

Williams is now seeing that this is the way it has to be. He says “We will meet violence with violence”. A black man imprisoned and killed for killing a white man he worked for. As the body was being shipped to the morgue the Klu Klux Klan had plans to take the body and parade it through the town to show everyone what will happen if another black person even thinks about killing a white man. in an unexpected turn of events the Klan was met but a group of blacks lead but Williams to impede the Klan’s plan to take the body. “Self- Defense Forces protection”
“Why do I speak to you from exile? Because a negro community in the south took up guns in self-defense against racist violence- and used them. I am held responsible for this action, that for the first time in history American Negroes have armed themselves as a group to defend their homes, their wives, their children, in a situation where law and order had broken down, where the authorities could not, or rather would not, enforce their duty to protect Americans from a lawless mod.”(pg 3)

The man who served his country, and served his community is now seen as an outlaw. For his strive to be an equal by any means necessary. “I just wasn’t going to allow white men to have that much authority over me”. A statement that doesn’t say I’m above the law, but I’m an equal within the law.

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