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Negotiations Strategies Essay

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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
Tony Robinson
University of Phoenix
MGT 445
August 15, 2012

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
One experiences the act of negotiating at least once in a lifetime. It happens even in the smallest form of determining what is for dinner and can be as large as buying a home. The importance of understanding negotiation strategies will affect ones competitiveness within the market. Negotiations are made anywhere at any time for the most minute reasons. A negotiation strategy evaluates and analyzes two articles dealing with negotiating. The negotiating strategy also compares and ...view middle of the document...

Rather than reducing the water charges, Acqua International satisfied the Chinese by agreeing to their other conditions. This strategy was a success and led to the fulfillment of both parties.
Article Two
The second article is “Bargaining Price with the Chinese.” This article discusses how the Chinese seek to incorporate the technology of the Trilliamp Process. This is a 1980 process and is a large contract worth millions of dollars. The price is the determining factor for the Chinese before any agreements. The first meeting was with the creators of the Trilliamp Process, and they initially provide a price to the Chinese with facial expressions obvious they would not accept the price. Not wanting to reduce the price, they developers thought to add incentives, such as oil gages in hopes this would be a deal maker. Unfortunately, the Chinese still would not settle. Negotiations ran for many hours and upon the developers lowering their price by 20%. The Chinese provided a counteroffer and they met at a final agreement. Although the contract in place, the developers of the Trilliamp Process were not satisfied with final contract price. They were hoping to close at a higher rate.
Article Comparison
Articles one and two have different approaches to negotiations and provide varied results. The first article was a satisfactory win for both parties involved, though the second article was more of a bargain than a negotiation. These articles provide an understanding of how negotiations apply to businesses and the workplace. Negotiations involve effective strategies, basic understanding of one’s opposition and is not always a short process. The articles shed some light that preparation is important to a successful negotiation and one must determine the point in which one...

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