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Negotiation Is The Process Essay

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Negotiation is the process of involving different groups with different interests. In the negotiating table there is a dialogue and discussion in order to resolve the conflict amicably. Business personnel resolve standing issues by effective negotiation. This paper will analyze the roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how they contributed to or detracted from the purchase of vehicle negotiation.
Three types of Negotiation
There are three types of negotiations such as integrative process, distribution process or lose win process. The integrative process is both parties fit together and negotiate with one another to find out many new solutions to a particular problem ...view middle of the document...

Individuals my have their differences and that may predispose bargainers to behave in certain ways, but the key to the structural factor like nature of the bargaining problem be then relative power between negotiators, pressures from constituencies, or simply the behavior of the other negotiator may matter more than the other. Successful negotiations rely on the communication between each party, and negotiations often influenced by the personality traits of those bargaining.
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