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Negotiation And Dispute Resolution Essay

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Negotiator tool kit

1) Two parties:
→ how well did we understand the other negotiator?
* understanding the other party was probably the greatest problem that lead to several deadlocks.
* moreover agreements that were already stated were revised (issue ii nomination for training)
* reason for that were discrepancies in between group members of the union party.
→ did the structure of the negotiation work?
* The structure of the negotiation did no work that well. Due to several deadlocks like just mentioned we had to skip Clause 16 and 22 before getting back to them when all other issues were agreed on.
* reason here were great differences in the positions of both ...view middle of the document...

They accused us, the Management of been unfair and they keep on blaming us for having a bad previous agreements over the years. Only when we told them to listen to us and focus on present problems instead of dwelling in the past, then the unions really came to realise what was this point of this negotiation
* They only opened up to us because of time pressure and fatigue.  A good example is of their strong position on the agreements on wages and working hours.  They wanted everything to be in favor of them (super high fixed increase in wages for all workers, with an option for another increase, if productivity rises and a new payment level with a fixed increase in payment directly after finishing training and another possible increase, if productivity rises again and they also wanted to decide on shift patterns for the employees, without having consideration for management).
* only with  time pressure and the fact that we made them realise concessions are needed to be made for efficient negotiation, then they agreed to make changes in clause 22.
* Secondly and as already mentioned discrepancies within the Union party made the negotiation very difficult.
* As soon as we had agreed on an issue and tried to state it, the unions side will have inner conflicts within themselves and  what was just agreed on will be disagreed on again. These discrepancies within the Union labour led to backtracking of discussions again and in the worst cases leading to a few deadlocks on this issue.
* Thirdly the union shut down its’ diplomatic efforts on the negotiation as soon as an agreement that would have favored them could not be reached.
* This also made negotiating really difficult.
* Fourthly one has to admit that the management also treated the unions back in this way as reciprocity.
→ Did they trust us? did we trust them?
* Personally I would say that there’s little trust between the two parties. Trust was higher from our side compared to the unions.
* Reason for that was the tough approach on certain issues by the Union. The unions always doubted and felt that the suggestions we have were only beneficial for ourselves. They only trusted and were open to their own suggestions. Whereas, we the management tried and made concession in respect with the expectations from the Unions side.
→ When was there a sense of us working together rather than working against each other?
* One would only speak of a sense of working together whenever time pressure and tiredness started to be a factor.
* Only because of the above mentioned reasons all parties wanted to end the Negotiation as soon as possible and come to an agreement. Especially when we saw other groups finishing and walking off.
→ If there was when and how did that develop
* Like just mentioned

5) through exploring options
→ How well did we manage the process of developing some creative solutions
* creative solutions were often suggested by us the...

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