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Week 3 Negotiation Current Event Report

Greg Jackson



14 June 2011

In the fairy tale world or world of make believe there are situations and scenarios that end’s with, in the end they lived happily ever after. Most marriages of today begin on such a hopeful premise but, unfortunately, end in the contrary. Negotiations enter with the promise of the same positive outcome but depending on the delivery, approach and conduct of those involved, they proved to end unsuccessfully.

In this week’s readings, Strategy and Tactics of Integrative Negotiation, we find that integrative negotiation’s goal is to present in the outcome, a win-win situation for the associated parties involved in the process. In an effort to achieve the desired state of integrative negotiation, according to ...view middle of the document...

” (Lewicki, 2010) In essence, integrative negotiation provides all those involved with a conclusion that embodies desired outcome and or intent. When the parties involved leave the negotiation table, they do so happily and content with effort applied and more important with the coveted jewels in hand.

Supplementing the reading of this week is an article that involves negotiating but the end state unfortunately counters what integrative negotiation is intended to produce. The article, End of Net Neutrality negotiations Good for Internet, Aug 6, 2010, by Tony Bradley, delves into the merging negotiation attempt by Google and Verizon to establish an amicable agreement over internet neutrality rules that would enable each to dodge the current oversight provided by the FCC’s jurisdiction and authority. If an agreement had been made, the two would be left under each own jurisdiction to govern itself while conducting business as usual on the internet. According to the Bradley, it would parallel, asking the fox how to guard the henhouse, and be generally considered unwise. (Bradley, 2010)

The negotiation process within itself presents multiple challenges for a negotiator and especially for the parties involved. An in depth understanding of the varied processes for conduct in negotiating allows for the best approach in preparation as well as conduct during the communicative process. Knowing how the recognize what practices to apply or avoidance techniques while communicatively exchanging intent as well as desires, serve as instrumental ploys to implement in the hopes of gaining one or all involved, favor. In the end, if applied and performed accurately, negotiating will result in the win-win end state.


Bradley, T. (2010). End of Net Neutrality Negotiatons Good For Internet. PC World .
Lewicki, R. J. (2010). NEGOTIATION. In B. B.-6. Roy J Lewicki, NEGOTIATION. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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