Negative Impact On Children Of Divorce

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Divorce and Its Possible Negative Effects on Children

The purpose of this essay is to discuss divorce and its possible negatives impacts on the family, particularly children. In today’s society, divorce is a very common occurrence in families across the country. And, because of this fact many studies have dedicated a significant amount of attention to divorce and how it impacts families and children. Divorce has become an acceptable method of resolution when difficulties arise in the marriage, which may imply to some that a great deal of emphasis is no longer placed on keeping the family intact. In recent years, statistics show that over 60 percent of marriages in this country end in ...view middle of the document...

” Furthermore, Matthews concludes “a general rule of thumb is the greater the conflict between divorcing parents, the greater the number of problems the children will experience” (Matthews, 1998, p. 3). However, Cameron (2008) argues these problems are not experienced by every family impacted by divorce, but in many insistences these problems can arrive and when discovered these problems need to be swiftly addressed to assure they are not carried into adulthood.
According to Cameron (2008), some of the short term emotional problems that children of divorced parents offend experience are anger and abandonment. The child’s anger is often expressed in several ways such as consent fighting or bickering with other siblings and friends, lashing out at parents and other authority figures and breaking or destroying once beloved objects of affection. Whereas abandonment issues is usually apparent in a child’s behavior when the child becomes excessively clinging and needy to the parent and beings to withdraw from friends and other social activities.
Despite the debates among researchers and psychologist the fact cannot be denied that children of divorce are impacted in some way whether the period of time is short term or long term. And, one of the long term impacts that children of divorce are faced with is financially and stability. This occurs when the child can no longer experience the advantages of a two parent household. Often times this financially instability results in strict budgeting and reduced activities. These could mean reduced visits to the child favorite restaurant, fewer purchases of desired items and possibly, the child can no longer participate in...

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