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Negative And Positive Effects Of Television

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Television has attracted young and old viewers since “broadcasting began in 1940’s”. Throughout years studies have been made on what is probable to happen from watching TV. Recent studies have clearly proven that television doesn’t only have an effect on people as individuals but also as a whole. Television is known to have negative as well as positive effects on various parts of the world. Researchers traveled throughout many countries and found that in some cases watching TV has been healthy but in others it caused controversy.
Television today has many positive effects and influences on society. Television provides individuals with helpful information, different cultures, history, and ...view middle of the document...

Television doesn’t only affect individuals in the United States. Television shaped and shapes societies all around the world. For example a study suggests that television “helped rural Indian women become independent and contributed to lowering Brazil’s fertility rate.”One can see that viewing television can change a person’s perspective on their means of being. A number of anthropologists doing fieldwork in India have noted that the “introduction of television in rural areas appears to exert a positive influence on attitudes toward women.” Due to the affirmative influence on attitudes toward women, disagreements are less likely to occur between the males and females, making the country an easier and safer place to live in. In Brazil “the authors hypothesized that the soap operas could be acting as a kind of birth control.” According to the World Bank “During the 1970’s and the 1980’s, when television expanded rapidly in Brazil, fertility rates declined dramatically, to 2.8 children per woman in 1990 from 5 children in 1970” Thanks to the soap operas, Brazil is unlikely to have a overpopulated country any time soon which gives the country one less thing to worry about .
Despite the helpful influence TV might have on certain communities; it may also have a harmful influence. Television has an “addictive hold on the viewer” said Amersha Brown while describing the negative effects of television. One can just sit there for several hours watching television with their eyes glued to the screen. Due to the “addictive hold” society has put off the ordinary things, such as washing dishes, participating in activities, doing yard work, and even going to the washroom. Television brainwashes society causing obesity and laziness. “Eating in front of the television has become a ritual in most households across North America.” says Brown. If the person doesnt start to eat when they first sit down to watch television, a commercial about food will suggest they do and that is called “the power of suggestion”. Usually it is a commercial about fast foods which leads to obesity, lack of physical activity and an unhealthy body. When adults and mostly children do homework or some kind of paper work, and a TV is turned on, they automatically get distracted. Think about it would you rather do boring homework or watch TV? In most cases individuals would pick watching TV.
What is shown on TV greatly shapes the way kids and teenagers act. Various advertising companies make commercials with use of brutal language and containment of sexual scenes. Experts say that “Children love watching television and movies, but too much of it during developmental years can have a significant negative impact on them.”Not only scientists but also ordinary people noticed that when children see something violent on TV, they ask the question “Hey, how cool was that?” Television has had an unpleasant effect on the daily lives of the greater population with sex drugs and immoralities....

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