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IntroductionBaderman Island Resort is a hotel and resort on 750 acres of land near the City of Kelsey. With 1600 acres left to develop, Baderman has much opportunity for improvement. Based on a survey from the resort blog, four areas need improvement. The area of flooding carries the most impact in the blogs. The floods cause blackouts at the resort regularly, leaving guests and hotel personnel without electricity, causing meals to be ill-prepared, inaccessibility to the Internet and online reservations, inaccessibility to phone lines, slowing tourist transportation: the trolley and the train (which are the only means of transportation allowed on the island), and slowing mail and currency ...view middle of the document...

The chart to be presented will outline other situations that are related to the flooding of the Island which are power outages due to floods and bad weather. Additionally, floods also result in bad foods and cause inability of the trolleys and ferries to run to get the guest and workers to and from to the resort. All this resulting from the bad weather converting to the flooding of the Baderman Resort where the consumers have less chance of enjoying themselves while on vacation.
Considering the ProblemAn as-is flow chart of the process to be analyzed is necessary to help understand the stepsneeded in presenting a strategic plan to Baderman Management. First, let’s look at the problemsthat flooding is causing.
EMBED Excel.Chart.8 \sBaderman’s major complaints are due to electrical outages which are being caused by theflooding. Only a small percent of electrical outages are being caused by bad weather. Threecontrol points have exceeded the upper control level and are related to an electrical outagecaused by the flooding. Since the river surrounds Baderman Island flooding occurs often. Baderman has 1600 acres left to build on. A few of this acreage should be designated to building control points to stop the flooding. Baderman should locate the lowest points of the island and dig very deep holes in these points. These holes should contain huge tanks with levers and valves that will kick in when the water reaches certain levels. This water will then be pumped to the other side of the island that is the highest level which is not likely to flood. This process will continue until the water levels subside to normal non-flooding levels. This plan will keep the lower levels of the island from flooding, thus substantially lowering the chances of power outages and slowing public transportation on the island due to floods. The following matrix shows the affects of the flooding.
Correcting the flooding will correct four separate areas of customer and staff issues. First, stopping the flooding will substantially decrease electrical power outages. Second, a decrease of fish dying on land because of flooding will happen. Third, the resort will have to spend less money re-landscaping the island and the resort. Forth, the city will continue to obtain revenue from one of the largest and most profitable businesses in the city of Kelsey.
Electrical Outages causes:Produces cold or bad meals (ill prepared meals)No Internet service (kiosk down)Guest rooms have no electricityMaids not able to complete maid serviceNo hot water in rooms or kitchenSlows down tourist transport: trolley and trainHinders transport of mail (or currency exchange)Hinders tourist accessibility to island and resort activitiesNo system generated wake up calls: cost hotel more for employee time, or dissatisfied customers who are not woken on timeLimits staff and guest communicationNo guest accessibility to Internet hook-upCauses salmon and calamari to die on landRestaurant catches less fish to serve...

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