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Need Help Essay

790 words - 4 pages

James E Thomas
CJUS 200
Reflection Paper
Liberty University

Law Enforcement

The reflection that I have of law enforcement in recent days has been somewhat flawed by the way law enforcement has been portrayed in the media, and in news articles. The understanding of the police system in today’s society should have improved from what it was century ago, the agenda should be enforcing the law and keeping the peace amongst the people that they serve. I’ve never had an encounter with any police, but I’ve had opportunity to know how they treat others and how they target and even profile certain ethnicities. Many times I've seen law enforcement turn ...view middle of the document...

Many states and cities have what is call small claims courts in which people can file claims for small sums of money directly, without attorneys, following simplified and relatively quick procedures. In fact, lawyers usually are not allowed to represent clients in small claims courts. Much like what we see on TV. These type of small claims courts have become popular and are being viewing by many on TV.
The Correctional System
In the 80's the correctional system begin to see an increase of prisoners that it was never design to handle, this overcrowding has push the correctional system to measures that lessen the system ability to do the job it was design to accomplish. In the past the system look more at "punishment versus reformation" the system was design to punishment those that was incarcerated, in hopes that they would be reform once they were release back into society. As such this has now become a detrimental problem within our American penal system. Now after decades of being push under the rug and being ignored by politicians, the Obama administration, with some states Governed has made an effort to reform the system. Its time to move from just punishment and allow reformation to enter our...

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