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Ncaa Football Paper

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NCAA Football
And The
Possible Realignment of
The Teams into
Super Conferences

Mergers and Acquisitions
Anthony Pranger
October 2011
NCAA football is a wonderful and exciting sport, of which I basically know the rules and enjoy watching when I have the time. To be perfectly honest though, this is not a topic that I know much about when it comes to the rankings, divisions and how they determine who will play against who in the upcoming season. Since I lack in knowledge regarding this topic and am not one to back down from a challenge, I have decided to run forward and tackle the topic and research college football, and the inner workings of the sport. This will ...view middle of the document...

The post season is a trip to a bowl. Cities that organize bowls invite teams to come compete for a game. Usually teams are selected according to how much money they will bring to the city with their fans. The team that wins the bowl gets a paycheck that can range from $500 thousands to $17 millions! For many years the top 1 and 2 did not play against each other so there was no way to really know which the best team was. But now there is the Bowl Championship Series that is a game where the number one and number two teams play.
Division IA and its perspective conferences are essentially a matter of mergers and acquisitions, and as in any M&A there are many stakeholders. Currently, there are just far too many conferences, it is difficult to keep track of which team is in which conference and this causes a lot of speculation on which team could possibly be the best, or worst for that matter. The new trend in the NCAA is, to form super conferences. Super conferences, are where existing conferences add members from other conferences to form even bigger conferences and eventually eliminate the smaller conferences.   Looking at the research, I conclude the most likely result could be 4, 16-team super-conferences which are then split into 2 8-team divisions.  Divisional winners play for the conference title, and the winners of the 4 super-conference title games will comprise 4 of the 8 teams in the national quarter-finals. This is very similar to the business world of today; many of the big companies are either merging with the smaller companies or eliminating them altogether. Some of the problems that arise from realignment into super conferences lie in the regulations, finances and general risks. Before I go into each of these problems, I feel it is important to identify the stakeholders in the NCAA program.

1. The Fans: The fans of NCAA football, are like the stockholders of a major company, they should all have a vote in how the conferences are setup and be allowed equal opportunities.
2. The players: The players are the ones doing all the work; they are constantly attending practice, traveling for the games and let’s not forget, achieving their college degrees.
3. The coaches: Coaches are developing strategies, counseling the players, and just basically keeping the team in line. The coaches play a major part in this, because realignment can dramatically affect their salaries and how many coaches there are for each team. Coaches will gather together and look at the financial part of their team and proclaim to the conferences that they have decided to be “in play” or looking for bids to be bought out of their current conference.
4. Television networks: These television networks provide a lot of the revenues for the football teams; they set up contracts with the conferences, spend many dollars on coverage of the games, and ensure fans the opportunity...

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