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Nba Persuasive Speech Wa State

1581 words - 7 pages

Joel Carey
Persuasive Speech Outline
Speech 100
Spring 2007

I. Attention Step:

Welcome and thank you for coming. So, how many millionaires do we have in the audience tonight? Well, did you know that according to USA Today the average player salary in the National Basketball Association today is $3.7 million dollars per year? Average! The rookie minimum is over $300,000 and Kevin Garnett the NBA’s highest paid player earned $28 million this season. According to Forbes the average value of a franchise in the National Basketball Association is currently around $240 million, a private business group from Oklahoma recently paid $350 million for our Seattle Supersonics ...view middle of the document...

I had to rent a car this year while mine was being fixed and my insurance coverage lasted about 3 days, our insurance companies aren’t making adjustments for these taxes, that’s for sure. Not to mention, we are already on the hook for the Seahawks Qwest Field and the Mariners Safeco Field.

D. Proponents will have you believe that these taxes really don’t affect us all that much and look at how much money the franchise pumps into our economy and the jobs they provide. I think this is unsubstantiated.

E. I believe that these taxes do affect us and all that money that gets pumped into the local economy, that’s our money and it will get pumped into the local economy in one form or another anyway whether supporting the Sonics or shopping at Nordstroms. Gary Sauer, an economics professor at Clemson University and expert on sports economics said he and researchers at the school have examined the local economic data for cities that lost pro teams over the past 30 years. “We looked at nearly every move you could imagine, if there were something significant-employment increases, big tax benefits, we’d see it, but we don’t, its small potatoes. Teams don’t have much of a positive economic effect if any. Sometimes it’s negative.”

Transition: So why do we need to pay for these facilities? Let’s remember the figures that I provided in my introduction, average player salary $3.7 million and then added to that we pay on an average $51.00 for a ticket to an NBA game according to, also $3.50 for a soda, $4.00 for a hot dog, $5.00 for a program (so we can identify the millionaires) and $15.00 to park, and my family of 3 is looking at a $200 evening. Who can afford this on a regular basis?

III. Satisfaction

A. As a community we need to make a statement to these multi-million dollar franchises and deny them our tax dollars. We need to force them to be more fiscally responsible, ($28 million a year for a basketball player, come on!)

B. We need to make this statement politically as well as personally. Write your congressman with your concerns about this fiscal irresponsibility, vote NO on any tax measures that appear on your ballot that endorse spending our tax dollars or increasing taxes to support a professional sports franchise. Write the Sonics or send an email to the front office at:

C. There is a precedent for privately funded stadiums, GM Place in Vancouver B.C. and ARCO Arena in Sacramento California to name a few. In Columbus Ohio a strong, organized opposition fought to prevent any tax increase from funding two new professional sports stadiums, in the end, voters turned down the tax increase by a 56 to 44 percent vote. Still, both the hockey and the soccer stadiums ended up being built, mostly with private funds. Nationwide Insurance led a group that built the hockey arena. The Hunt Sports Group built the soccer stadium.

D. Proponents of the publicly funded stadiums and...

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