Nature V. Nurture Essay

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Professor Marsha Boveja Riggio
Psy 105 Intro to Psychology
March 8, 2015

Personality is defined as an individual’s exclusive social and intellectual patterns; OR, their unique way of thinking, feeling, and acting. Personality gives incredible understanding of how people operate and everyone has one. Our personality effects the choices we make such as what to eat, what type of music we listen to and our favorite shows on TV. As we get older, it is believed that our personality changes. We are not the same and it shows.
As a child, I was very shy and quiet. I liked to be alone and was pretty quiet. I was not out-going even when I hung out with friends. I was and still am an ...view middle of the document...

I guess as a child, my understanding of how things worked was skewed. Now, as an adult, I have more understanding and knowledge in the ways of the world. Also, I was not very cheerful. I was friendly but not very happy. I feel that I was moody and in fact, my mom would tell me that all the time. As an adult, when I am moody or if I am feeling a particular way, I don’t let it show to the point where it is hurting those around me. I have learned that I can be any way that I choose to be.
Is nature or nurture responsible for the way children think and behave? This has been the basis for many debates. Nature refers to behaving a certain way based on genetic predispositions and nurture refers to behaving a certain way because we are taught to. I believe that nurture had a big part in my personality. My home environment was not one where I felt safe to express myself so I learned to keep quiet. Interestingly, my kid sister was raised during a time when my parents personalities changed (they got older/wiser) so she is more outspoken. I was very introverted and didn’t talk a lot because I was raised in an environment where children should be seen not heard. So, I didn’t do anything to be seen or heard. I felt that I would get into trouble for anything even minor infractions, so the best way for me to survive, so to speak was to be quiet. I was not abused but my parents fussed a lot and I didn’t want to hear it. We definitely learn more from our experiences than from what could be naturally apart of our personality. I believe that I could have been a different person under different circumstances. There are some good arguments for nature but I truly believe personality development is based on how we are nurtured in our lives and from the environment from which we come.  We are influenced by our environment.
As people, we like to reminisce. The...

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