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Nature Or Nurture Essay

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When I think back on my childhood and adolescence, I must give credit to both my upbringing and habitat. Obviously if I had been adopted into a different family my life would have taken totally altered courses. But because of my parents- the genes I received from them, their beliefs and their own upbringing, I am an individual molded by both nature and nurture.

        I honestly believe that part of my personality is set in stone- unchangeable because of my heredity. There will always be people that disagree with that idea, "....our main conclusion after some years of work on this problem is that mathematical estimates of heritability tell us almost nothing about anything important." Perhaps my tendency to be compulsive at times (in a good way) is a characteristic that was handed down to me ...view middle of the document...


        However, nurture also played a role in my development. My parents are excellent models of "niche-pickers." My parents raised my brothers and me in an upper middle class neighborhood and provided all the related commodities- just the way they were also raised. As out textbook states, "...adults select environments for [their children]." I was always given everything that I needed and occasionally things that I simply wanted. I was put through the best schools and enrolled in numerous after school activities to keep me away from troubles many kids face. Because of our location I have grown accustomed to the best of everything; this can be a good and a bad thing. I am well aware that I've had a wonderful childhood and am very thankful for everything I've learned and that has been given to me. Because of my upbringing I am generous and courteous to everyone and hope to pass these same values on to my own children.

        Basically, I give credit to both nature and nurture for the way I've turned out. My parents have excellent genes and were generous enough to share them with me. They are also excellent teachers and friends-nurturing me throughout my whole life. I think it is impossible to say that one (nature or nurture) is more important than the other in human development; growth is too broad to title sections in certain ways. Our textbook says, "...development is best understood as a series of complex exchanges between nature and nurture."
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