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Nature As A Pattern, Comparing Rosalie Gascoigne And Lin Onus

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Rosalie Gascoigne was born in New Zealand made her career in Australia. Her style of art was the study of ikebana which is based on floral arrangements in Japan. Most of Gascoigne’s work is based on materials that signify something or other in today’s world. These things are usually items which have been around for a while such as packaging cases and rural Australian life. One of Gascoigne’s works is ‘Step Through’, a piece consisting of chocks of wood which were used in the 1950 – 60’s. Lin Onus, the second artist who will be discussed has a Scottish mother and an Aboriginal father. The piece of work created by Onus that will be discussed is ‘Fire 2’, relating to the indigenous Australian ...view middle of the document...

Some might say the pieces fit together.
For such a simple piece of work, there are many principles. Some include composition and pattern. Pattern is symbolized in the way that there are blocks spaced out almost evenly from each other, all with the same thing on top of itself. This is the case from the start to the end. Composition makes it feel like the artwork has been planned and is not just something that was stuck onto a canvas. This intrigues the viewer and gives him something to think about.Surface, tone and texture are the main elements used in this piece. The piece having a simple background gives a dull feel, thus the tone of the artwork is generally the same. Everyting in the artwork seems old and out of use. The texture in this piece is not based on the wood, but on the pieces of Lino on top of it. The little dots seen on the lino shows that it is not smooth, rather quite rough. The edges of the tiles seem jagged and uneven.
The next piece of art that will be discussed is ‘Fire 2’ By Lin Onus. The viewer will quite simply be able to link the resemblance of the piece and the artist. All of the materials used in this piece are related to nature. Aboriginal life revolves around mother Earth and taking care of her. The piece gives a sense of destruction in the way that when people see trees burning, they think about disaster and damage. What people don’t see is that this is the way of Aboriginal life. It is all just a factor. This artwork focuses on the significance of fire towards not just the Aboriginals, but to the entire human race. Only by looking at the trees in the piece is our mind awoken to the fact that this is based on indigenous life. Many smaller factors fly past our eyes, unnoticed but for the aboriginals, it is part of their lives. Feathers for...

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