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Naturalistic Observation Essay

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Naturalistic Observation
M y observation took place in the daycare of my infant daughter. I was observing the behavior of my daughter Sofia who is 20 months old compared to other children of the same age in their environment. She has around 25 pounds and a height according to their age.
Physical Development
For her age she is physically developed since I can see as I walk and begins to develop the art of running. I can see how she plays and tries to talk like their peers. I could tell that my daughter is healthy and has good physical development.
Cognitive Development
According to Piaget's stages Sofia is in preoperational stage because for example, when all children are playing with small toys, my daughter loves to be playing with the cups and plates imagining that there is ...view middle of the document...

I want to give another example to support my study, it’s when the teacher put them music, my daughter was the first to go dancing, even if this children do not have full development of their movements, they still love dancing, ,but I have to say that Sofia has the best agreement between music and her body. I noticed she had natural skills and ability to dance. I enjoyed what was happening, and I realized the complicity between the little kids and the ability of imitation at this age. To conclude, I can say Sofia has good self-esteem. I do not think that exist any kind of embarrassment or some doubt in that time. On other hand, she looked very safe in all the tasks she developed.
Does the child meet the milestones and stages for the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development?
Yes, I think my daughter meets the milestones and stages for the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development.
Is there anything unusual or “off-development” for this child (deficits as well as giftedness)?
There was nothing off-development or unusual for my Sofia, on the contrary, I think she is very intelligent, automotive, and talented.
My thoughts about observation
I think my observation made on my daughter in a daycare environment in her middle childhood has helped me better understand children's behavior at this age, It helped me understand how independent are the children and their development out of the influence of their parents.
My opinion about what I observed and the application of the theories of development.
In my opinion, Piaget’s cognitive development theories and Erikson’s psychological theories are a perfect and excellent guide to help us understand the stages in normal growth and development.

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