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Naturalistic Observation Essay

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Naturalistic Observations
Jesicca Jupin
Argosy University

The purpose of this paper is an overview of ethnographic lessons. The subject of this report is to witness individuals in a local restaurant in order to find some varieties of ethnic types pertaining to the witnessed individuals. This assignment involves observation, explanation and a breakdown of what was perceived, possible employment, amount and site of individuals and the layout of the restaurant. In addition, this paper consists of an explanation of the used approach.

As an overview into ethnographic, this disposition will reflect four areas, the research question, methodical transcripts, and an ...view middle of the document...

The entrance is located right off the main road. The income level of Burger King varies on a day-to-day basis. Most regulars, construction or clerical, that eat here in the morning have coffee or breakfast before going to work. The midmorning group, 8 AM to 10:30 AM, involves typically longtime citizens whom have come to the restaurant for years. The lunch crowd, 12noon to 2 PM, consists of a blend of residents and school members.
Observed cultural perspective:
With the customers of Burger King Restaurant as a typical sample of the local culture, more than a few assumptions around the native culture can be derivative. The local people, observed in this culture, have a great worry for subjective and group well-being. This worry is confirmed consistently in discussions among customers and employees. It is possible that well-being is a major conversation attributable to a shortage in medical supply methods. Relating to the careers of the customers perceived in the restaurant, a detailed list of careers could not be confirmed. Excluding early morning hours, where construction and clerical were present, the behavior, clothing, and actions of individuals did not put forward a career other than “of advanced years.” The suggestion of “of advanced years” is grounded on the probable age of the customers.
In witnessing the combining of individuals for the duration of their visit, it was distinguished that local couples are more likely to participate in talks with individuals of the opposite sex than couples who were not considered residents. Throughout the reflection period, there were no notes of local pairs who go into the restaurant and sat noiselessly. The local beliefs have a widespread array of age in the societal group. This was indicated by the interactions, considering age of the customers, during surveillance of discussions at the restaurant. The surveillance is secure by the discussion of a young woman and the easiness of which she had spoken in front of the whole crowd. It was important to note that females began many of the discussions. Overall, the native culture dresses down expressively. Most all citizens in the eating place were dressed appropriately, less than expected by the wearing of fleeces, pants, sweatshirts and either beanies or some type of hats. The females were better dressed than the males. This correspondence was confirmed in the discussions where topics as church or Christmas parties were bringing up, which specified the equivalence of coziness in the diversified crowd. In the company of a new customer, the workers were considerably happier. This indicated that the workers were after returning customers.
Nature of the treatment of customers in the establishment:
The environment for the customers in the restaurant can be styled as gentle and very comfortable. Of the workers, two have worked at the restaurant for 10+ years. Hardly are there any conflict among the customers and workers. The...

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