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Natural Resources Essay

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Natural Resources and Energy at Wekiva Springs

Sharmeen Hugue


March 20, 2014

Natural Resources and Energy at Wekiva Springs

Wekiva Springs is the 2nd largest spring located in Apopka, Florida within the Wekiwa Springs State Park. In 1970 Wekiva Springs State Park opened to the public. The park occupies 7,000 acres, with the main attraction being the Wekiva Springs. The cool crystal clear water of the springs range in depth from just inches to five feet and maintains a 72 degree temperature. Wekiva means "flowing water" in Creek. The spring flows from a small 20 feet deep cavern, which spreads into a deep cave. This area was once ...view middle of the document...

13 Billion dollars statewide. The graph in figure 1.1 gives an illustration of the land use and an estimated amount of acres per category (Terry and Busby, 2014). Figure 1.2 shows sulphur settled in the spring of the river.
Figure 1.1 Agricultural land (Terry and Busby, 2014)
Figure 1.2 Spring Sulphur (Terry and Busby, 2014)
Effects a growing human population may have on Wekiva Springs’ resources, including loss or harm to populations of wild species

Wekiva Springs occupies a prime location, central to The Wekiva State Park and is well known for its recreational activities that support tourism and essentially the economy ("Wekiva Springs State Park", 2012). Activities in the park and most importantly the springs range from water based activities like swimming, canoeing, and fishing, to land based activities such as hiking, camping and picnicking ("Wekiva Springs State Park", 2012).
The effects a growing population would have on this ecosystem are immense. A growing population means an increased demand for current and improved services. This progressive channel of growth will change the functional dynamics of the ecosystem and threaten biodiversity (Wright & Boorse, 2014). Since the ecosystem is highly dependent on water supply to drive activities, it is also going to put pressure on the demands for water and energy. The demands for water will also be increased for sanitation purposes in an effort to ensure that health risks are not encountered at the park. Any growing demand for water is going to put the supply at risk for depletion and/or pollution.
Another important aspect of a growing population is that it will change the landscape of the environment. Any change in landscape is also a threat to diversity, additionally; these alterations may cause the reduction and possibly the extinction of some species (Wright & Boorse, 2014). This will also interfere with the trophic levels and possibly create an imbalance in the passing of energy and materials up the food chain (Wright & Boorse, 2014). The change in landscape could also mean construction, which would interfere with the nutrients required to sustain the biotic and abiotic organisms in the ecosystem.
According to Wright & Boorse (2014), in order to maintain the sustainability and biodiversity of an ecosystem, it is crucial that wild species are protected. In essence, the ecosystem is made up of wild species that live in the environment. Thus, the entire structure and functionality of the ecosystem depend on the wild species. The benefit each species provides to the ecosystem is invaluable. Wild species have direct (instrumental) and indirect (intrinsic) value to humans (Wright & Boorse, 2014). A growing human population will contribute to an increase in the interference with the natural habitat of these species leading to migration or depletion of these wild species.
Management practice for sustainability and conservation of...

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