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Natural Law Party Essay

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Natural Law Party

        The Natural Law Party is said to be America's fastest growing political party. Founded in April of 1992, this party is oriented towards offering voters a reason to vote. Its founders include educators, businessmen, and lawyers. Soon after foundation, the party became qualified for the ballot in 32 states, fielded 128 candidates, and became the first party in history to be granted "national party" status by the Federal Election Commission. Dr. John Hagelin, its presidential candidate, also qualified for federal matching funds. Many opportunities have opened up, and this party's track record has shown much light since 1992. As campaigning continues for the Natural Law Party, Dr. John Hagelin wants to be able to show how natural law can help achieve a self-governing nation.

        In just two years, by the 1994 elections, more and more voters were able to hear ...view middle of the document...

The Natural Law Party clearly has a very bright future ahead of them.

        The platforms of the Natural Law Party try to introduce new ideas, new principles, and new solutions to the people of the United States. This party wants to sell the idea that a vote for the Natural Law Party will be very valuable to better their nation. The Natural Law Party's main platforms are health, economy, crime and rehabilitation, education, agriculture, energy and environment, strengthening Democracy, abortion, foreign policy, defense, gun control, capitol punishment, drug abuse, family values, revitalizing our inner cities, upholding the rights of minorities, and government supported by Natural Law. Natural Law Party wants to advertise ideas and reformations that are forward looking, prevention oriented, scientifically proven solutions to the nation's problems include creating a true heath care system; education that develops the student's full potential; preventing crime; cutting taxes deeply and responsibly; protecting the environment; safeguarding America's food supply; mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods; ensuring a strong economy; promoting more prosperous and harmonious international relations; and ending special interest control of our politics. The Party is very strong in their opinions and ideas; they are even trying to reach the younger generation of voters in order to carry on the platforms of a better future.

        The Natural Law Party offers the Student Natural Law Party Club in order to spread positive campaigning among a majority of college and younger voters. This club is dedicated to making the Natural Law Party more and more well known and successful. These SNLP clubs are really interested in inspiring some of the most receptive and concentrated voters in the Untied States. That is why they want to turn to the students.

Students can help with publicity, inspiration, signature gathering, and even run for an office within the Natural Law Party.

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