Natural Gas Exploration Essay

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1. Natural gas should be the product that BP should invest in. It is no longer a new source of energy as its publicity has been increasing as a possible best alternative to oil which still is by far a dominating resource.

Now, there is no doubt that the amount of oil available is decreasing and in fact using oil as heavily as it has been used is not welcomed, especially by individuals or groups who advocate countless number of anti-CO2 emission campaign.

Natural gas also emits CO2 just like oil because they are just the same in that both are fossil fuels, although the emission of CO2 by natural gas is said to be almost a half. Plus, if this is to be used for generating electricity, it ...view middle of the document...

So if this is successfully approved by the government and local communities where the plants will be located, BP will have enough support for the project.

* Providing natural gas domestically will help cut down the cost of transportation to much lower level, which can allow BP to inject more money into the other related areas in a pursuit of better operation. Also this will make the price of UK more stable than now when the price depends on the external factors (because now The UK imports natural gas by pipelines from Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by ship and their situations are variables affecting the price of natural gas.
(this part sounds more like what I am going to write for my economic justification)

Why UK?
* UK is home to BP, which means the network BP possess is already well established, which allows BP to do their project more easily than doing it outside UK in terms of financing, negotiating, etc.

* In the end...

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