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National Tourism Organization India Essay

3064 words - 13 pages

National tourism organization India

Table of contents
1. Introduction 3
2. Vision 3
3. Mission 3
4. Discussion 3
4.1. External factors affecting Indian Tourism industry 3
4.2. Students and teachers of hospitality and tourism institutes 4
4.3. Other Central Ministries/ Departments 5
5. Control, interdependence and inseparability 5
6. Challenges 6
7. Implementation Plan 9
8. Potential strategies 9
9. Recommendation 9
References 11

1. Introduction
The NTO (national tourist organization) is the body mainly in charge to form and implement the national tourist policy in India. It is also in charge for controlling, directing and promoting the ...view middle of the document...

5.1. External factors affecting Indian Tourism industry
Chief global incidents such as natural or man-made environmental disasters, terrorist strikes and war have direct influence on global travellers’ movement. Economic conditions and political events across the globe cause a bearing on traffic of the tourism South Asian region as well as across other parts of the World.
Tourism infrastructure’s strengthening, which includes rail, water, air and road transport, entertainment facilities and tourist accommodation etc. have a powerful association with the rise in tourists’ number.
Industry as well as trade organizations needs to offer good services to the tourists at prices that are competitive. They need to develop self-regulation’s systems of their members. They also need to generate and offer guidance to their members in implementing newest technological, managerial as well as sustainable best practices. Associations anticipate Tourism Ministry to intervene on their behalf with State and Union Governments for providing economic motivations for tourism activities (Khare, 2010).
Individual generosity and travel deal establishments accepted/ seeking endorsement from Tourism Ministry. Tourism Ministry anticipates that approved establishments abide by the standards on the base of which sanction was provided. Seeking approval for establishments, Tourism Ministry anticipates that they would put forward their applications for sanction complete in every respect with the intention that the process of approval is done in the least possible time (Ray and Teckchandani, 2008).
There are exist a very big service providers’ number in the travel trade and hospitality sector in this country which includes restaurants, auto drivers, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, inns, dhabas, and guides. Their behaviours ruins or enhances tourism sector’s image in average tourist’s eyes. Tourism Ministry anticipates that such service providers offer competitively-priced quality services and goods to tourists; and they don’t cheat them and behave properly. Most of such service providers don’t possess sufficient skills or knowledge to interrelate with the vacationers as indicated by the standards preferred by Tourism Ministry. Tourism Ministry could develop and adopt programmes and policies to provide training to these entities (PR, 2012).
5.2. Students and teachers of hospitality and tourism institutes
For tourism sector’s sustenance and its long-term development, it is very important to ascertain regular supply of semi-skilled and skilled manpower to this sector. Tourism Ministry necessitates evolving programmes and policies, which could lead to strong HRD Infrastructure’ creation for this sector. In addition to creating physical infrastructure, this needs well-planned syllabus evaluated regularly, attractive remuneration for attracting and retaining quality trainers and faculty, generating possibilities for faculty for improving their abilities,...

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