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National Socialist Underground Essay

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National Socialist Underground


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In recent times, terrorism has rocked so many countries of the world through several terrorist groups such as the Al-Qaeda group, the Boko Haram group, and the National Socialist Underground terrorist group. In Germany, the National Socialist Underground has been operating underground for thirteen years without knowledge of their existence. However, in November 2011, they were exposed after a bank robbery, and two of their main members killed near their parked camper. The third key member offered herself to the police after ...view middle of the document...

For this study, we will greatly concentrate on the National Socialist Underground terrorist group recently uncovered in Germany.

Historical Background of National Socialist Underground

The National Socialist Underground group abbreviated as NSU is considered to be a far-right terror group in Germany, which was on November 2011, uncovered in Germany. This terrorist group has been involved in several murder and terror cases in Germany. Between September 9th, 2000 and April 6th, 2006, the National Socialist Underground terror group was involved in the serial murder of nine immigrants from Greece and Turkey (The Bosphorus serial murders). Other murders attributed to this group include the killing of police woman, and the bombing in Cologne in 2004. According to the Germany’s Attorney General, the National Socialist Underground group is a “right-wing extremist group” with their main purpose being to kill every foreign citizen in the country out of anti-state sentiments and sentiment resulting from abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign citizens (Range, 2011).

The National Socialist Underground terror group can be traced to as far back as the time of Hitler National Socialism philosophy. This political philosophy was created by Adolph Hitler and was applied first in Germany. Since, the death of Hitler, the National Socialist Underground was believed to be on the low, operating underground in Germany (Benasuly et al., 2011). This terrorist group believes that the murders caused by the group are best for the people of Germany. This group does not believe that there is equality among different people and races.

The National Socialist Underground terrorist group also referred to as a modern-Nazi terror group has been held responsible for about 14 robberies in the bank and the killing of a police woman, plus the death of other 9 murders done serially. One of the techniques or ideology used by this terror group in their attack is anti-Semitism. The terrorist group demonstrations always encompassed gas works and representation and portrayal of Hitler and other Jews known for their evil nature (Benasuly et al., 2011). It has been greatly suspected that Abraham Grünbaum, a rabbi in Israel that was murdered in Zurich in June 2001, was a work of the members of the National Socialist Underground terrorist group. The rabbi was said to be going towards the synagogue, when an unknown culprit shot him from a very close range. It was recorded that Abraham Grünbaum, who was 70 years at that time, died on the spot.

The Goals and Objectives of the National Socialist Underground Terrorist Group

The main goal of the National Socialist Underground terrorist group is to wipe out all foreign citizens from Germany. According to Range (2011), the National Socialist Underground aims at murdering all foreign citizens in Germany out of out of anti-state sentiments and xenophobic sentiments. This fear of other foreign citizens was derived from the Nazi...

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