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National Missile Defence Essay

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Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty (A.B.M.) which was agreeded in 1972 between U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. was the most renouncing event during the Cold War period. The purpose of this treaty was to slow down the nuclear arming race and it forbade national defence systems. However United States recently announced its plan for National Missile Defence system (N.M.D.) that they think will be a sufficient solution against their enemies. On the other hand, earlier responses from other countries, China and Russia at first, are not very optimistic.
Firstly, national defence and seceondly an acceleration to American economy are the main purposes of National Missile Defence. Bush ...view middle of the document...

S. but also allies, and U.S. forces placed in overseas countries. This means, required time might be over 10 years to spread on the world. Moreover expected cost range between 30-200 billion dollars in respect of the extention of the project.

        There are many serious effects of N.M.D. that must be thought about carefully. The most ambitious pitfall is a new nuclear arms race reminding the Cold War period in Pasific Domain. China and Russia consider N.M.D. as an offensive system rather than defensive one, that ensure U.S. the protection from missile attacks and advantage of first-strike (Greenpeace, media briefing). Therefore Russia, China and other countries will try to expand and modernize their nuclear arsenals to keep up with U.S.. China's projects will set domino effect, and India, which considers China as a threat will want to have similar nuclear missiles. The effect wil continue with Pakistan and others. Today one third of 36000 nuclear weapons are ready to kill anytime, and N.M.D. will certainly close the door of reducing nuclear weapons. On the other hand, it is possible for missile defence not to work. The system must distinguish between real warheads and smart decoys that will be developed to fool and defeat inceptors. Two of the first three test of Star Wars project failed, and it might be the same for N.M.D., which has been...

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