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National Governing Bodies Essay

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
What are the NGB? 3
What do the NGB do? 3
Different types of NGB 4
Influences in sport 5
Appendix 6
Reference List 7

National Governing Bodies (NGB) and coaching children and young adults in sport competencies.

This assignment will include the influences children and young adults in sporting pathways and the roles of what the National Governing Bodies (NGB) do and give recommendations to the elite and community environment on what they could improve on.

What are the NGB?
A National Governing Sport Body are usually found in every country, governors have many ...view middle of the document...

Strategic is where the NGB will look at all the options on how best to improve the school/club, they will review everything on the school/club’s aims and objectives and their targets, strategic is not just looked at if they can see a weakness they look to improve all the time not just waiting for a weakness to act on. (Clerks Guide, 2005)The NGB will also do the following:
“The national body will provide the means by which competition venues are selected; the national body will certify courses, approve stadiums, or otherwise ensure that all standards for the convening of a competition are met.
The national body will be responsible for all coaching certification within the sport. In many countries, to coach at a regional or national level, the coach is required to pass such testing as may be determined by the national body. The certification process often involves both technical knowledge of the sport as well as a more generalized expertise in sports theory.
Many national sport bodies take the lead in their culture in the promotion of healthy sport practices, often in conjunction with government agencies. Sport education will also include the dissemination of information concerning international rules and competition standards for items such as performance-enhancing drugs.
The national body will be the sole liaison in the sport to any companion international body; the national body will also deal directly with international organizations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)”. (National Governing Bodies) These are just a certain few roles what the NGB do for example in 2004 Rio Ferdinand did not turn up for a drug test and was banned from playing for 8 months “Ferdinand does eventually take an official drugs test, which he passes. However, his failure to sit the original test carries a "strict liability" penalty leading to a probable misconduct charge” (BBC Sport). Even though Ferdinand passed the drugs test the F.A which is the English football association was not happy and that is why Ferdinand got banned for 8 months, the F.A had every right to ban the player because if they let one person get away with it then many more would think they could to they was right to ban him for that amount of period.
Different types of NGB
There are different types of NGB there are ones who just focus on one sport for example Amateur swimming association who focus on their sport and then there is the other type of NGB who overlook them all for example Sport Wales, sport Wales overlook all the associations from Federation of Disability Sport Wales (FDSW), Local Authorities, NGB’S and UK sports councils, sport wales overlook all these associations and will help them improve and make their organisation a lot better and more participants in the community to go and play sport in the community. How Sport Wales fund this is through the National Lottery fund they...

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