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National Crime Survey Essay

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Jacob Parrott
Assignment 2
* NCVS – The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) series, previously called the National Crime Survey (NCS), has been collecting data on personal and household victimization since 1973. An ongoing survey of a nationally representative sample of residential addresses, the NCVS is the primary source of information on the characteristics of criminal victimization and on the number and types of crimes not reported to law enforcement authorities. It provides the largest national forum for victims to describe the impact of crime and characteristics of violent offenders. Twice each year, data are obtained from a nationally representative sample of ...view middle of the document...

The program was created with the objective to generate reliable, comparable information for law enforcement administration, operations, and management.

NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System), established in the 1970's, is an incident-based reporting system also used by law enforcement agencies for collecting and reporting data on crimes to the FBI.  The law enforcement community saw the need for a more detailed crime reporting program (compared to UCR) that would meet the needs of law enforcement agencies in the 21st century, thus NIBRS was created.  The data collected (generated from a departments records management system) includes every incident and arrest in the Group A offense category and only arrest information in the Group B category.  Like UCR, NIBRS reports Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property.  Unlike UCR, NIBRS also reports a third category - Crimes Against Society. 

Group A category includes arson, assault (aggravated, simple, intimidation), bribery, burglary/breaking and entering, counterfeiting/forgery, destruction/damage/vandalism of property, drug/narcotic offenses, embezzlement, extortion/blackmail, fraud, gambling, homicide, kidnapping, larceny, motor vehicle theft, pornography/obscene material, prostitution, robbery, sex offenses, stolen property offenses, and weapon law violations

Group B includes only arrest information on the following - bad checks, curfew/loitering/vagrancy violations, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence, drunkenness, family offenses, nonviolent, liquor law violations, Peeping Tom, runaway, trespass of real property, and all other offenses.

UCR and NIBRS are both regulated by the FBI and both use the same general concepts. NIBRS goes into greater detail than UCR and has 46 Group A offenses while UCR only has 8 Part I offenses.  UCR does not differentiate between completed and attempted crimes while NIBRS does.  Also, UCR tends to only report the most serious offense reported when multiple crimes are reported in the same period of time, location, and person/group of people. The great thing about NIBRS is the data can be submitted electronically in the form of ASCII text files, needing no manual input.  UCR data is written documents that have to be hand entered into a computer system for analysis.
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* Transnational Organized Crime - Transnational organized crime refers to those self-perpetuating associations of individuals who operate transnationally for the purpose of obtaining power, influence, monetary and/or commercial gains, wholly or in part by illegal means, while protecting their activities through a pattern of...

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